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P15/03a Becoming a “Female Leader” in today’s world

Aired from January 20th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest  Nicole Dominique Le Maire

 I am now 37 and can say that starting my own business has been a challenge, but one that inspires me every day. I love waking up and knowing that I will be doing something totally different each day.

Nicole Dominique Le Maire has gained a reputation as a highly valued leader within the female business and Human Resources Industry. As a multi-talented woman entrepreneur and a global people connector, she is also the co-author of two books, including ‘The Female Leader’.

Nicole is an expert in leading people-based activity from a strategic and operational perspective, with a gift for developing entrepreneurs. As a result, she has gained tremendous experience guiding startups and entrepreneurs which has supplemented her MBA, MAHRM, and MCIPD and this has catapulted her to become one of the top leaders in the Human Resources and Female Leader industry.

Overcoming dyslexia and becoming a very successful woman takes belief in one’s self,  women in business is very important today and is powerful, and a catalyst that creates new opportunities for women just starting out. As women, we tend to value relationships and through that, we can open up new avenues for global partnerships that drive win-win relationships between organizations.

If you take me for example, I am a very creative individual who enjoyed coming up with new ideas for the corporate business I was working in. Now at that time there were certainly many benefits to working inside a company and focusing on moving the corporate business forward, yet the idea of putting too many eggs in one basket and working on multiple projects at once kept me excited, yet ultimately it leads to a feeling of boredom.

This boredom is very current and linked in many cases (from my experience) to high achievers (especially women) leaving the corporate workforce. In a way not taking the role of intrapreneurial women in the corporate industry serious can kill the spirit of true innovation. This could be the reason as to why so many corporate intrapreneurial programs fail in the mainstream.

Women’s entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly hot button topic. Women who want to experience financial independence and also experience the thrill that comes with owning one’s own business. There’s a lot that goes into running a successful business, and it can take a while to actually get something done, depending on how hard one works and what industry one chooses.

My experience of working with women and what the biggest challenges are that women face succeeding with their business 

In most parts of our society, we have come to accept that men and women generally have the same capability to do a job. However, as much as mainstream society is poised to embrace the growing power of women in the workplace, there are many studies that show that people are unable to grapple with the idea of a female leader, yet more and more surveys have shown that female managers and business leaders are getting higher marks and reviews than ever before.

As more women role models appear in industries and companies throughout the world, it is becoming clear to anyone that female leadership is not only real but will likely surpass male leadership numbers in the future. I have worked with women in business for many years and I myself have faced the challenges of being a female intrapreneur whilst still working at companies such as DHL, Alstom, Epson and now as a female business owner.

What is the wisdom you would share with women who want to get engaged in business?

In order for a brand to be memorable, it has to stand out from the crowd. You need to be different from everyone else in order to create a memorable brand persona. Add your talents and skills to your unique persona, and you will find the sweet spot that only your company can fill.

It is a big step, so be sure it is really what you want. You have to commit to long-term growth and learning and you will face challenges that will help you develop as a woman in business.



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Nicole was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and has lived and worked in over 34 countries. Both her parents are now retired; her father was a paediatrician and her mother a homemaker and solicitor.

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