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P14/5a Your Journey Work with Joanie

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Joanie McMahon.Aired February 4th/14

We have to be willing to take the journey and do the work to find that purpose and inner peace we all seek. Law of Attraction is just an idea until you implement it, we can manifest what we desire when we are clear of who you are now and what we want our lives to be.

Today we discuss the gift of the Journey Way and what it did for Joanie and in how to use the Law of attraction to make life happen. 

Formally trained as a teacher  (BEd), Counselor – MA in Counseling psychology,  Clinical Psychologist – Doctor of Psychology. Taught PE in secondary school for first 8 years of my career, adding nutrition and wholistic health to the curriculum as well. Then studied theology for a year Then off to Africa and traveling for a year. Began living in the conscious community when I was 25 and have lived in 5 all together over the years. Married in 1977 to Russell Kelly – we met in Edmonton and moved to Vancouver after our first child. In Vancouver, I worked at a Rape Crisis Shelter for abused women and children. I worked there for 3 years. Then our second child was born. Two years later, I began Graduate School in the field of psychology, first with an MA in Counseling while working at a High School as a counselor and psychologist doing psych assessments. Began Doctorate program immediately afterward Was hired to be the Director of a Graduate School of Psychology which I did for over 5 years.


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My husband died of cancer after a huge effort to heal him.  After his death, I was launched into a serious depression and was grief-struck. All of my skills to date did not help in this desire to recover and for 5 years I was seeing a psychiatrist and on all kinds of medications. Moved back to Alberta which was my home and shortly after discovered Journey Work which is the work I now do in my therapy practice.  In 5 sessions of Journey Work, I completely cleared my depression and anxiety.

I Began working with teenagers in schools using Journey Work with amazing results, plus with adults and children. Also, began my work of creating my own products and other people’s products for the online world – I continue to do both Journey Work and offering other healing products, plus products that help people to market their skills and products online. Began studying the Law of Attraction about 6 years ago and would consider myself an expert in that area. If a person clicks on “LEARN WITH JOANIE” Followed With some FREE Training: Some of My Products For Sale:

Lastly:   I have a few EBooks  i.) The Empowering Parent ii.) The Law of Attraction at the Movies Book 1 & 2 For in-depth work with me you can learn about that at this site:       

Sales Video behind this URL is here:


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