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P14/52a Spirit Awakenings & 2015 Cat Predictions

Aired December 23-30th  on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest/hosts Jackie Mihalchick and Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Spiritual Awakenings have been happening for a while now, and as the conscious grows, so does the need for guidance. Jackie M and Mary Elizabeth are intuitive hosts here on PLV Radio, and will be sharing the spirit of the season and predictions for the new year.

How have we changed throughout 2014?

What changes still need to be?

How does out attitude dictate our journey?

What is in store for us in 2015?

Join us and share the spiritual inspirations of 2 ladies who live, teach, and share their divine knowingness.

Spiritual Awakenings with Jackie Mihalchick 

Jackie brings to us every other week, an understanding of the spirit in side of us that is longing to be set free. On these shows we will have many spiritual embraces, helping us to tune in to our own universe in order  to live our lives in health, inner wealth, and soul abundance, and how to live in spirit in our daily lives.

Metaphysical Insights with Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Mary facilitates deeper connection with the sacred area upon the Earth in which you currently reside empowering you to grow your relationship with the Earth in ways that nurture, feed and support you, the Earth and all living beings throughout the Cosmos.

More on Rev Mary Elizabeth Hoffman /metaphysical-insights/



“Throughout all of 2015 Cupido conjuncts the Galactic Center empowering the energies of the super Venus expansive love expressed in connection, cooperation and communication with all living beings.  This shall facilitate partnerships between people, cultures, countries, religions and ideologies that have long lived in fear and projection of their own shadows on to each other blaming, finger pointing.  This is about the coming together of the Human Kingdom affecting all types of groupings: family, marriage, culture, society, partnership, organization, collections and connections – globally AND inter-dimensionally with other Kingdoms – Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Creator and Integral.”

Link to the full year. . CAT BEINGS ORACLE SYNOPSIS 2015

I am your host/producer Sara Troy and very proud of my hosts and their divine expertise.

My personal show is Ask Sara a weekly perspective on life.

More on Sara /ask-sara/

More on Sara and her Positive Living Vibrations shows go to positive-living-vibrations/


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