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P14/45b SONG OF THE HEART:Walking the Path of Light

Aired November 11th-17th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Francine Vale

Francine Vale

Francine Vale was born in the Bronx, married her ‘Prince on a White Horse’ and brought her beautiful children into the world. Looking toward the future and her family’s security she became her husband’s partner and together they built a successful business. In 1991 her spirit guide revealed himself to her,  showing Francine images of her true authentic self, a golden light being, spoke of their home planet, and reminded her of her destiny on Earth. In this way,  with the spiritual guidance of utmost gentleness and loving-kindness, through experiences of profound wonder and teachings of profound wisdom, all the while maintaining relationships and holding on to her New York lifestyle until it could no longer be sustained,  Francine’s life was changed forever.

“When I was three years old, rocking my dolls in their cradle…suddenly my attention was drawn to an extraordinary loving presence right beside me…so I looked up. Right here in our foyer on the fourth floor in this old building in the Bronx my angel had found me!” from my destiny work, “Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Light.”

She shares with us today her journey to consciousness and how her healing in mind body and spirit has taken on a new divine energy.

A Seer, a Healer, a Past Life Healer, Francine has the ability to See what is needed to guide people forward to their true purpose.

She now promotes a LOVE ENERGY that not only heals us but can be part of healing each other. 


Walking the Path of Light

By Francine Vale

Do you want to feel lighter, brighter & mightier? Your past lives can hold the key to self-healing.

In a world of overwhelming chaos and uncertainty, where more than 200 girls can be kidnapped for simply wanting an education and planes can seemingly disappear without a trace, it is not surprising that the global consciousness has been negatively impacted. Healer and visionary Francine Vale, author of SONG OF THE HEART: Walking the Path of Light (Word of Love Press; $19.99; e-Book $6.99), has the prescription for what ails our collective psyche in the form of a compelling memoir that illuminates the path to a higher level of consciousness & self-healing.

SONG OF THE HEART illuminates what so many of us would otherwise remain blind to:  the presence of Guardian Spirits just waiting to assist us, the Oneness of humanity, and the true structure of what Francine Vale calls “All That Is.”

Vale reveals that the title, SONG OF THE HEART, came to her in a vision and the book was dictated to her by Starlight, her lifelong Guardian Spirit and muse from a dimension beyond Earth.  The purpose of this celestial dictation was to allow Vale to “bring greater awareness of the absolute necessity for love and the power of love to shift the energy at every turn of our lives.”

SONG OF THE HEART is a uniquely structured volume. The first part is an engrossing fictionalization of the author’s family history, where a tragic tale is told by a special being whose calling is to help us see that we each have a soul, what that soul is, and how all of our souls are connected. In the second part, fiction meets reality as the psychic scars inflicted in the first part manifest themselves in the lives of the actual Vale family. The family actions and interactions in this epic tale will move you deeply while affording you insights into your own relationships.  The intention is to help each reader “tap into the Unity Consciousness and be able to create closeness with your guardian angel and spirit guides.”  Best of all, Vale teaches us the primary aspects of healing, accessible to all humanity, and at the same time shows why she knows “there is no death, only transformation of energy.”



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FRANCINE VALE is an author, spiritual leader and visionary. Her past life memories as a Hopi Medicine Woman in the 19th century, a Roman girl who followed Jesus and an Egyptian priestess in the service of Isis continues to inspire and influence her consciousness. Encouraged by the highly evolved spiritual beings who are her teachers, Francine shares all that she has learned.


by Francine Vale World of Love Press

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