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P14/39a The Game of Living Fractals Philosophy

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest  and business partner Bill Macquis.

The Game of Living Fractals a Life Skills Development Tool that teaches you how to build a network of people around you that will help you make better choices in your life.  

We can take many roads to get where we are meant to be in life and the journey of Bill Macquis has been an eventful and illuminating one. Facing physical challenges all his life such as a broken back, it is a miracle because he can walk, he has O.C.D, from which the knowledge for this tool came about and Parkinson’s which he has under control; but nothing stops him, it just gives him the knowledge to help him achieve in life.

I have known and worked with Bill for some years now, this radio station was Bill’s idea as he knew I want to give other people a platform to inspire others and that I should take it to the next level, and I am inspired by his ability to see possibilities out of what other would look at as impossibilities. I am the dreamer, he is the dream developer and he has developed from years of profound business experience and mathematical knowledge a tool that helps you make better choices in your own game of life.

We are going to share with you this extraordinary tool that simple played can be used it in structuring and building every aspect of the business and your life.

Living Fractals is a company unlike any business in history…

The real reason why the QVC Calculator web and mobile apps will be available for FREE…

“It is a basic human right to be able to live life with purpose, meaning and dignity”

Living Fractals is an investment company with a unique twist in that they re-invest 50% of the net profits back into helping people re-build their lives so that they can begin living their lives with purpose, meaning and dignity!

Living Fractals was founded upon three basic principles …

  1. It is a fundamental basic human right to be able to live life with Purpose, Meaning and Dignity.

  2. The true purpose and meaning of one’s LIFE is to create a world where everyone has Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equity to pursuit their Dreams, Inspiration, Visions, and Aspirations in life.

  3. The true measure of one’s success is in life can only be measured by the successes one helps others to achieve.

Our Mission…

Living Fractals will provide 100% of the funding to support our mission and global vision for future through a special division already established with in the company called…“The Living Fractals Orchard” living-fractals-orchard

Living Fractals is a tool that teaches you how to build a network of people around you that will help you make better choices in every aspect of your life.  To discover more about how the game will help you become better decision maker in your life please watch the 5 minute introductory video below…and then tune in to the show to hear in more detail how this can work for you.

Bill Macquis in addition to being the founder of the company, he also acts as the company’s Managing Director of Operations. Bill started his business career at the age of 13 and he has never looked back. Bill lends more than 40 years of experience in business lending his experiences of sitting on the Board of Directors of more than 20 companies. Of those 20 companies 12 were of his own creation and ranged from yacht leasing time share business that he set up with his dad when he was 13 to developing a computer Software Usability Analysis consulting business, which was the first of of’s kind in the Computer Industry and his clients included both Apple and Microsoft.

In addition to serving as Living Fractals Managing Director of Operations, he also serves as the company’s interim Managing Director for the “Research and Development” and the “Production” operational divisions.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:


Living Fractals

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More on your host Sara Troy and her many show go to  choose-positive-living


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