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Originally Aired September 16th-22nd on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Marion Baker 

 Finding Love in today’s cynical world

The LOVE Therapist 

INSIGHT For Women Who Struggle To Find Lasting Love

Discover The Key To Finding The Relationship Of Your Dreams (And Prepare To Find It Where You Least Expect)           

“You Are Who You Sleep With”

What is your love meter?

Are you loving you the way you want others to love you?

Marion Baker, like so many other women, struggled through years of internet dating. She was at her dating wits’ end. Tired of packing up her last remnants of dignity to leave yet another failed relationship that was only months before THE ONE, she was ready to give up. Single in her mid-40s, she didn’t have a clue to the secret for lasting relationships.And she’d been looking for a long while. Always interested in alternative healing methods, she spent a decade learning energy healing, doing workshops and courses, and reading every self-help book imaginable. She didn’t know exactly what it was she was looking for, but after considerable time and effort she was sure of one thing. Nothing was changing. It was only after she discovered Transpersonal Psychology that things started to be different for her. When she enrolled in the counseling program, she not only learned to counsel, but her life was the curriculum of the course. There she found the support and the courage to face her own self-defeating patterns that were keeping her from finding lasting love. And she realized she wasn’t alone. When she shared her struggle with other women, there was a common theme. Most single women wanted to be in a relationship and didn’t understand what was keeping them from finding true love.

And that’s why she has written The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch, a serious book with a light-hearted touch. Marion takes the reader through much of her own unsuccessful dating history and shows the steps she took to her own success; a happy marriage. Through revealing her own self-defeating patterns, including the commonly shared fantasy dream of a relationship that would save her, she then reveals what she did differently. Most importantly, finding a devout spiritual path was a large part of her own success model. “When we can tap into a source of love that is bigger than our own personality, it opens us up to a bigger picture of what love is. What you can give a relationship becomes more important than what you can get from it.”Now known as The LOVE Therapist, she is a Registered Therapuetic Counselor, specializing in Transpersonal Therapy.  Her book is like a personal counseling session for her readers. Marion shares her own and other women’s love stories–some successful, some not–then comments on the stories from a counseling perspective. What went wrong? Could the situation have gone differently? What repeating pattern is revealed in this woman’s life that she can now change? Why is she always attracted to the bad boys that love and leave? As we delve into our familial patterns, the secrets are revealed. Any single women reading these stories will not only be drawn in, but will most assuredly find herself and her situation amongst these pages.In her book–and in your interview with Marion Baker– women will get a sense of empowerment as they discover their own piece of the puzzle in their relationship issues. You can’t do anything about a self-defeating pattern if you think that it’s the other person that needs to make all of the changes. This is the most common mindset of many people in troubled relationships. What most don’t realize is that we teach others how to treat us. It’s when women discover that they can influence a relationship, and that they are an equal participant in the pattern, that they can start to make their own changes.And that wacky title, The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch? Marion explains: Although my husband is a huge love bug that I adore, he is also a quirky character. Upon hearing that the neighbours down the hall had bed bugs, I came home one day to a home encased in plastic. The couch’s plastic had this particularly lovely lime green colour that I will never forget. He is a very practical person who has no sense of aesthetic when it comes to house and home. For me, it’s really important to live in beautiful surroundings that I love coming home to. This difference in lifestyle was a perfect testing ground to put my new-found relationship skills to work. Before I would have run away screaming with my hands in the air. Instead I was able to talk about my needs and I gained more appreciation for my husband as we were able to come to a solution that suited us both. He wanted to be with me and make me happy and I wanted to do the same, so we made it work. What started out as a horrific couch covered in lime green plastic, became a fond memory.”



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