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P14/36a Embracing Your Feminine Essence.

Originally Aired September 9TH 2014 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Joanne Ameya Cohen

I believe that it is time to Remember the Ways of the Feminine™. I believe that your hormones are the path to your desires. I believe that healing your past wounds and hurts allows freedom Now. I believe that discovering your truth is the salve to your pain and discomfort.

I am committed to inviting out your Truth, Wisdom, and Power.

Joanne Ameya Cohen is an Expert Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist, Inspirational Speaker, Counselor, Feminine Embodiment Mentor, and author of “The Healthy Feminine Leader: Alleviate Stress, Balance Your Hormones, and Tap Into Your Power”.

Joanne received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Vermont with a focus on Environmental Studies and Botanical Medicine. This degree gave her the foundation for becoming a Certified Women’s Herbalist, a Certified Flower Essence Therapist, a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, PSYCH-K facilitator, Medicinal Aromatherapist, Counselor, and Shamanic Practitioner.

Also working as a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Midwife Assistant, Joanne has supported women in their most profound and intimate life-changing moments. She has humbly held space for women to face their fears, worries, anxieties, and joys in order for them to birth themselves as Mothers.

Snazzy, from my Heart Bio:

I am a Women’s Wisdom Guide, a truth-seeker, a student of the plants and trees, believer in the power of sisterhood, freedom junkie, and alchemist.

I work with women who know they need to heal their hearts as the path to standing in Feminine Leadership.

I work with women who have been “putting off” their feminine health symptoms and are now struggling with fertility challenges, painful cycles, pregnancy issues, postpartum imbalances, PMS, fibroids, endometriosis.

I work with women who crave sisterhood and recognize their beauty more deeply in sacred space with women.

I work with women who are bogged down by overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and fears that are keeping them stuck and miles from their desires.

I work with women who are ready to embrace their vulnerability, receptivity, and intuition.

I work with women who have spent the majority of their lives playing small and shrinking in mediocrity to fit in… all the while experiencing insecurities and isolation. Women who have belittled themselves with their negative self-talk and self-judgements.

And I am their Mentor.  Their guide back home.  I am their collaborator.  The woman who can unearth the possibilities alive in their hearts and souls.  The woman who creates space for Initiation into a world of feminine power and freedom, rather than pain and shame.

But it wasn’t always that way, listen in to know my journey……


                              TUNE IN HERE FOR INSTANT LISTENING

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