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PLV (Positive Living Vibrations) Radio Network presents our INSPIRING D.I.V.A HOSTS.

I am Sara Troy, producer/founder of PLV RADIO Network would like you to get to know my hosts a little more. I am honoured, excited and stoked about my hosts and the incredible shows that we all will be sharing with you the listener each week.

Each host shares what their shows are about and at the end, some of got together to have a little chat and some fun. Join us and listen in to why they are D.I.V.A’s ( dreamers, inspirer’s, visionary’s and aspirer’s) The are living their journey and they now in the desire to see you embrace your own D.I.V.A , they share their wisdoms of their journeys and that of their incredible guests to inspire you to embrace your own.


Positive Living Vibrations hosted by Sara Troy.

Positive Living Vibrations Radio shows are a very unique format that is dedicated to bringing together some of the most creative intuitive positive thinking experts from around the globe, who will help you to embrace all your inspiring possibilities!” Sara host 2 of these shows a week

Ask Sara hosted by Sara Troy.

This is Sara’s perspectives on life the world and the joy of living no matter the adversity. Just “Ask Sara” I will give you my honest perspective on the question from my understandings and from my many years of spiritual counselling.

Spiritual Awakening is hosted by Jackie M .


Jackie brings to us every other week, an understanding of the spirit in side of us that is longing to be set free. On these show we will have many spiritual embraces helping us to tune in to our own universe in order  to live our lives in health, inner wealth, and soul abundance, and how  to live in spirit in our daily lives.

Metaphysical Insights hosted by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

mary (1)

Mary facilitates deeper connection with the sacred area upon the Earth in which you currently reside empowering you to grow your relationship with the Earth in ways that nurture, feed and support you, the Earth and all living beings throughout the Cosmos.

The Writer’s Divine Den hosted by Jackie Van Campen


On these shows you will have access to the literary world, receive tips that help connect you with the heart, be exposed to books that touch the soul, and learn literary strategies to becoming a writer and author.

Wise Health hosted by Suma Nathan

Suma is a Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Chinese Horologist, Holistic Health Practitioner, and with over 32 Years of Professional Experience AND 50 YEARS OF APPLYING IT. She brings us each week such information on our health and how to stay healthy and exuberant for a life time. Suma is on holiday and her audio will come later.

Conscious Business hosted by Pamela Lynch


Pamela invites you to tune into thought leaders in our community as they share their insights on “Conscious Business Conversations.” She leads the way knowing we have shifted into a new paradigm, in our personal, business, and spiritual experience. 

Own Your Money hosted by Jeff Forrest.

Money is not the culprit but just a tool, and when you know how to use that tool with the right mind set you can make that tool work for you. This is what we will be doing on these shows, Helping you overcome your adversity with money and learn how to use this global tool that helps you build a better life for you and yours.

Transforming Relationships hosted by Julieanne Oconner


After years of study of what people consistently do wrong, Julieanne is a sought after speaker for her fun and candid nature as well as for her willingness to speak an uncensored truth.  She is committed to putting RELATE back in RELATIONSHIPS while helping people to expand their expression and experience of love and will move you to laughter and tears with her show Transforming Relationships.

Living Unapologetically hosted by Tiffany Phillips

Join Tiffany each week for candid, funny, thought provoking, no holds barred conversations on living your life unapologetically and not in the confines of how others define you. Tiffany will be joined by a new interesting and inspiring guest each episode.There will be no filter and absolutely no apologies. Fasten your seat belts!

Songs for Everyone hosted by Michael Averill


Michael is music, everything we know about ourselves, our history, and how we relate to one and other is rooted in the sharing of experiences through stories.  It is how we learn, grow, and develop as individuals, and communities.  Stories are universal – as is Music.

Inspiring South Africans hosted by Heather de Wit

My guests on this show will be South Africans who are ‘doing it’ with purpose, who are dedicated to their country and sharing with me their expertise, their work and their passion in empowering, healing and uniting the people of South Africa.

Live Your Best Life hosted by Dina Marais

Then tune in to Dina Marais who will awaken your self-awareness that will empower you to make the changes you need to create the life you want. Plus she will give you the tools to do that – not just the what – also the how!


Listen to or Download show now…

 If you think you living your D.I.V.A and that you are ready to share it with the world, ask Sara about joining our D.I.V.A team here on PLV RADIO.

Sara Troy


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