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P14/24b Body Barrier to Total Transformation

Aired June 19/14 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guests Drew McCaughey and Jay Sargeant.


The pain and suffering from the increases in obesity and diabetes, along with all the other lifestyle diseases associated with being overweight or obese, will out do the pain and suffering that was created by the plague, small pox and polio combined if we don’t do something to change these trends now.”  

Why do we find it so hard to lose wieght and change our life styles? is it a chemical thing, are our bodies programed to be fat? Drew and Jay talk about a product that changes your pattern and liberates you into the freedom of a slim body but more importantly a healthy one WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING A WEALTHY BODY TOO.

Why the critical missing component to lasting transformation is what we call the Body Barrier…

Overview of why sugar is causing the chronic inflammation is the real cause of the Body Barrier to total transformation.  And why those two have lead to the top 2 crises in North America – Our health crisis and our economic crisis.

Stop Struggling To Take Back Your Physical Health!

Virtually everything we have been told about effectively losing weight and keeping it off has been wrong!

Our exclusive program starts by helping you break the addiction to the foods that are keeping you Fat, Sick and Tired

You will now have the WILLPOWER to make better food choices…

And once you leave those bad foods behind…

Your body will begin the process of restoring itself to it’s Real Weight

With a body that is constantly overwhelmed by just trying to stay in balance…

That consistent expenditure of energy drains your life force making comprehensive transformations all that more difficult to accomplish!

Breaking Free Of The Body Barrier

That’s why we chose to marry our powerful NLP Transformation Model with an EXCLUSIVE, cutting-edge line of nutritional products

That uniquely address the “root cause” or the mechanism of the lifestyle diseases that are keeping us Fat, Sick and Tired and draining all the energy out of our bodies.

General overview of the powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Model with the master Jay Sargeant.

Examples of how our time-tested techniques have helped transform the lives of ten’s of thousands of individuals as well as entire corporations.

NLP is all about expert modeling – finding something or someone that is generating the results you want and modeling them…  We’ve identified several areas in our current system that are NOT generating the results that most people would like to have…

Yet, many continue to follow the same path…

Creating the third top crisis of our lifetime…  The personal financial crisis.

How the top 3 crisis has lead to the fourth crisis…  Our emotional crisis…

There can be little doubt that we suffer from a lack of happiness, joy and enthusiasm in our society today and much of that lack can be directly attributed to the above crises.

Jay Sargeant.

Jay began his career in training and transformation by designing a tailored NLP training track that helped sales teams, sales executives and business owners dramatically improve their skills while maintaining their integrity.

Jay teaches the whole person; while imparting high impact, novel and innovative communication strategies focusing on generating personal life strategies that are generative and illuminating both on and off the job.

Jay then combined his background in small business development with his NLP training model and built a record setting home based business that started in his backyard and led his team to over 500 million in sales worldwide.

Jay loves to teach; it is his mission to share his model to help as many people as he can reach to make long term personal breakthroughs that benefit the planet in profound ways.

Drew McCaughey

Drew and Jay met in 1989 at a sales training that Jay was facilitating which utilized the NLP training model.  “That was literally a weekend that changed the entire direction of my career path.”

From that weekend on Drew embraced and utilized his improved NLP based strategies to make major breakthroughs in both his business and personal life.

Drew has used the NLP strategies in a variety of successful business building and team building endeavors including building a substantial portfolio of residual income within one of the most competitive B2B industries in the U.S. because he always kept his integrity as the top priority.

Drew and Jay launched that 500 million dollar business from his back yard together many years ago and now they are teaming up again to bring the world solutions that will have an even more profound impact on the planet.\



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Now they have bought this winning view to this amazing product that gives you back your body in body health, mind health and personal wealth.

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