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P14/23a Sacretherapy®: You’re Not Sick-You’re Sacred!

Originally aired Aired June 10th/14 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Dr. Amelia Kemp.

Dear Sara:

One out of four people listening to your show secretly think they are crazy. And can’t shake the depression. The fog won’t lift. Or have been diagnosed with some kind of mental or emotional illness. They’ve tried psychotherapy, drugs and dozens of other ways to get well, but nothing’s worked.

Well, help is on the way! Holistic psychotherapist Dr. Amelia Kemp, Ph.D, LMHC, has written a revolutionary book that does for mental health what Louise Hay’s 1984 groundbreaking book You Can Heal Your Body did for the physical. Kemp’s From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® — Alternative Holistic Descriptions and Healing Processes for 170 Mental and Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide reexamines each condition within a spiritual context that is universal, filling in a key element that is essential for wholeness.

The book is the first to offer alternative holistic ways to describe, interpret and treat those diagnoses and prescribes specific treatments thathonourr the whole person-mind, body and spirit. The book tells sufferers, “You’re not sick- you’re sacred!” In the process, she changes the terminology from “disorder” to “reaction” removing the stigmatization. Kemp helps the person understand that it is either their reaction to the “matter” along with conditioned beliefs or behaviors that is causing the distress, which she calls a “misaligned thought.” Or, what has manifested may be what she calls a ”divine intention.” And in both cases, may be brought back into alignment utilizing the eight sacred steps described in the book.

Marrying elements of traditional psychotherapy to metaphysical and holistic practices, Kemp has created something entirely new–Sacretherapy® She quotes the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website: “Mental health is related to the promotion of well-being…” and then goes on to say, “However, the divine part of this well-being appears to be regularly left out the treatment plan for the majority of the population in the world’s western hemisphere. And this major void needs to be filled in order to honor the fullness of the human being.”

The book was written because Kemp believes traditional interventions are fragmented and label people, which causes them to feel sick and defective. Therefore, she seeks to remove the stigma and pathology associated with mental and emotional issues and restore sufferers’ sense of value and worth, while bringing them back to their inherent wellness.

But Kemp’s experience with mental health issues is far from impersonal. After an extremely challenging childhood in an unhappy home and sexual abuse starting at a young age, she suffered with anxiety and depression and was ultimately hospitalized in her 20s. Despite repeated rounds of psychotherapy, medication, periods of slight improvement, and an unending quest for alternatives, there was little change-even while she was studying mental health for her master’s degree.                                                   

It was only when she finally began to explore books and interventions that were spiritual and metaphysical in nature–did she really begin to see dramatic changes. Slowly, Kemp began to integrate these universal principles and concepts into her professional psychotherapy practice with astonishing results. People who previously made little progress, began to make major strides, and ultimately came back into “alignment” with their inherent wellness.

From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® offers eight steps to mental and emotional well-being, 24 healing exercises, illustrations and aftercare practices including herbal remedies and energy medicine, and features a powerful chapter on healing suicidal thoughts and behaviours. The 170 alternative and healing processes cover everything from anxiety and depression to family stressors and infidelity to emotional eating/obesity, and encompasses the more severe diagnoses including bipolar and psychosis. Those going through the Sacretherapy process are also offered additional support through Dr. Kemp’s Sacretherapy radio show, which more than 4,000 people have already downloaded.



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Says Kemp, “This books shows you how to realign your mind, body and spirit; relieve a great deal of guilt, reduce self-reproach; and help free yourself from any toxic conditioning, memes or programming you may have acquired during your physical journey, as it unlocks the door to the mental and emotional well-being that has always been yours by divine right!”

Author: Dr. Amelia Kemp   

Direct Line: (850) 443-1334

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