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P14/16b Mental illness is a nutrient deficiency disorder Q96 is an answer.

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guests, originally Aired on April 24th 

Suma Nathen, Tony Stephan, and Loren Tikka.


Mental illness is on the rise, stress, leading to anxiety, depression, suicide as well as ADD, OCD and many more disorders are being treated with harmful drugs. We are going to open our minds to a nutrient that aids our mental health without all those side effects that harm us. The unique formulation of Q96®, based on specialized technological advances in micronutrient delivery allows the body to rapidly absorb and utilize these essential nutrients for optimum physical and mental health. *

I am using this product and will share my own feeling about it. 

Suma Nathan our Wise Health host can be found here on PLV Radio at wise-health She brings 50 years of health wisdom to us each week helping us take charge over our own bodies. Listening to her and her guest will be a life changer for you.

Loren says My wife and I love our family and as you see our lives exist around them. She came from a family of 9 siblings, I came from a family of 15. We had 9 children and now they have given us 40 grandchildren. I came from a family of construction workers and I was no different. I worked by the hour for a few years then had to be my own boss, so far it has not changed other than I traded in my construction tools after 25 years to become what I really wanted and that was to be successful at helping others.

As we know, when helping others get what they want we get what we want. A Simple concept however not so easy because there are a lot of great products on the market but there are very few companies that have the leadership at the corporate level.

Since 1996 Q Sciences (Truehope) has been dedicated to improving the lives of those with mood disorders and has been successful in helping over 90,000 people transition from prescription drugs that “cover-up” symptoms to high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements that address the core biological issues that cause mental illness.

EMPowerplus Q96 is designed to promote mental well-being by providing a broad-based balanced supply of micronutrients needed for healthy brain function and development.

Research increasingly indicates that a lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and mood disorders. Q96 is powerful brain food specially formulated to counteract these deficiencies.

A proprietary formula of 36 vitamins and minerals, Q96 delivers nutrients in a dosage that supports mood stability, cognition, and overall brain health.

The Q96® formula has been observed by 39 research scientists in clinical trials at fourteen universities in four countries and is backed by twenty published studies.

The unique formulation of Q96®, based on specialized technological advances in micronutrient delivery allows the body to rapidly absorb and utilize these essential nutrients for optimum physical and mental health. * Loren Tikka



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Tony Stephan founder of True Hope now called Q96 

“When they open the history books ten years from now, it will talk about how Tony Stephan has battled hard with the bi-polar disorder that claimed his wife through suicide and threatened two of his ten children. It ended when he found the secret of EMPowerPlus Q96. The discovery gave son Joseph and daughter Autumn their lives back, along with over 125,000 people who have come to know the EMPowerplus Q96 Program. As his children continue to enjoy normal, healthy lives, he works tirelessly to ensure others who suffer as they once did, will one day have the same opportunity.

For Stephan, the assurances of a Calgary psychiatrist that his suicidal, uncontrollable teenage son would never improve and would instead deteriorate with age was the proud to find an answer. “She did me a huge favour,” he says now of the scolding he received that day. “It was a wake-up call when she told me ‘what you see is what you get; he’s going to be like this for the rest of his life, you have to get used to it.’ Stephan was told that he should prepare for another suicide in his family. That hit me in the gut. Something snapped. I was not prepared to accept that God would put people on the Earth to suffer like this. There had to be an answer.”

Everywhere Stephan looked, he saw mental disorders tearing at society; people on his block, many others in his town, millions across the continent, all suffering from a disease to which he believed there was a natural treatment. And so he prayed. And his prayers were slowly answered.

“People started coming into my life with little pieces of the puzzle. We looked under every rock, from amino acids to vitamins to minerals. I heard all the horror stories of how people spent their lives heavily sedated, became dysfunctional and lost their loved ones.”

Tony became aware of a theory regarding nutrition and mental health and began to unlock the secret. “He knew it had to be a balance of vitamins and minerals and that it had to be bio-available. We began researching the possibilities.

On Jan. 18, 1996, Tony placed Joseph on the formula he felt just might work. The boy was prone to uncontrollable outbursts, violent fits in school, and thoughts of suicide. Thirty days later, those symptoms had been erased.

“We’ve never looked back,” says Stephan. “We’re on the 11th generation of the supplement. It validates my belief in God because if we had missed just one thing in the formula, it wouldn’t have worked. The odds were a million to one.”

Today, Stephan explains how the answer was always there but had been lost in the scramble to use increasingly complex pharmacology. “This discovery was not ours. It was there since the beginning of time. We just lost the key to the knowledge.”

As of April 2013, EMPowerPlus now has 24 independent medical journal publications with 15 universities participating in the research and is now in 106 countries worldwide and has assisted more than 125,000 people.

Truehope was later successful in defending the people it serves, with a precedent-setting necessity defense against Health Canada’s actions who attempted to block access to Truehope’s EMPowerplus to Canadians. Stephan says “truly this has been a God Send and an answer to prayer”.





Anthony Stephan

CEO – Co-Founder – Truehope


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