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P14/15 You Can have your Piece of Cake

Originally Aired April 17th 2014 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guests Val MacDonald and  Patty Bojczuk,

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it? With Patty and Val you can, it is all about balance and eating good nutrition with good vibrations.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Val MacDonald, enjoys enhancing the relationship her clients have with their bodies, with their food and with themselves.

Val experienced poor health in her 20’s and 30’s, largely due to eating too much sugar and refined foods, but also due to not understanding her body;  the ways it prefers to move, the importance of its’ relationship with the mind, and the physical and spiritual practices that both body and mind need in order to rejuvenate and restore.

What started as a journey of self-discovery for Val, has evolved into a passion for helping others discover their own path to wellness and inner peace.

Her own health challenges led Val on a lengthy healing journey. It was through learning and accepting the connection between the food she ate and how she felt that she embraced her fascination with food.  People have full fridges and pantries without an understanding of how the food they choose impacts their well-being and their lives. Would you like a better grasp of what the food in your home, the grocery store and restaurants means to your body and your mind?

The Piece of Cake program reflects this passion for helping others with this discovery process.  As a participant, you are guided to respect your body’s boundaries and to respect all that your body does for you; to stop judging your body for the way it looks and to accept and love your body the way it is right now; to learn food myths and truths and eating guidelines that nourish your body for life; to discover how to eat mindfully instead of emotionally and how to balance your blood sugar to prevent food cravings; to find physical and spiritual practices which energize your body and your mind; to recover from illness and reclaim your health, no matter where it is that you are starting; and finally, to access your inner richness and awaken your magnificence, to live your life the way you are meant to live!


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Val MacDonald Nutrition & Wellness Solutions offers nutrition and wellness counselling, classes and workshops and the Piece of Cake Program to transform your health with grace and ease.

Val MacDonald Nutrition and Wellness Solutions 604 808-6309

Val joined us with her own show Vibrational-eating sharing recopies and nutrition facts and interviewing chefs and health food practitioners in order for you to eat with good vibrations.

Patty Bojczuk is perhaps one of the most positive, enthusiastic, and compassionate people you will ever meet. Her love for life, and personal self-development journey are a true testimony to the accomplishments and improvements that can be made when one is courageously following their heart and boldly living in their truth.

She walks her talk and lives the principles she teaches and uses to guide others in making positive and long lasting life changes.

It was during a very stressful, depressing and oppressive time of her life when on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown, that she found the courage to ‘rethink her life’ and seek the support and expertise of mainstream counsellors, spiritual healers and teachers.

The positive life transformations she has experienced from those who helped her inspired her to offer this same assistance to others.

In 1995, she started a learning journey that has resulted in her achieving diploma certification in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Meditation, Stress Management, Reiki Master Teacher, as well as becoming a traditionally trained First Nations Shamanic healer and teacher.

Rethinking Your Life is a valuable and unique resource for self-development and initiating positive life changes. Her unique approach in assisting others is to identify the ‘root cause’ of their present unfavourable circumstances rather than treat the side effects of the root issue to ensure sustainable positive life changes. Her greatest passion is to bring others to the threshold of their own inner truth and wisdom; to access their own inherent inner richness and goodness and to actualize the ultimate concept of their highest and most authentic selves!

She is an agent for change!

Patty offers her assistance through in-person sessions in her Maple Ridge home office, as well as through phone and Skype sessions, and workshops.

Office Phone: 604-465-9438  Cell Phone: 778-928-9438

Twitter: @pattybojczuk

Piece of Cake program highlights; what you can expect to learn from participating

  1. How to listen to your body and respond to what it is asking for.  How to enjoy the foods and self-care practices that absolutely work for your body, so that you feel more energy and are more resistant to stress and illness.

  2. How you can achieve health at every size, and how we can best serve ourselves by honouring our bodies and what they do for us, rather than being judgmental as to what our bodies look like.

  3. How you can stop dieting and start enjoying all foods in moderation, even cake!

  4. How you can start to love your body and yourself and live your life with a sense of freedom and joy.

More on your host meet-sara-troy


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