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P14/13a Royal Relief the Pain Eliminator.

Originally Aired April 1st on Positive Living Vibration with Sara Troy and her guest Andrea Chapman.

Andrea Chapman became a certified graphic designer after years of a serious illness where she was advised to apply for disability as she was too ill and would never work again. Through sheer determination and an unwillingness to ‘give up’ or accept limitations, she graduated from UCFV’s full time 2-year graphic design program while raising her 10-year-old daughter as a single parent. Several years later, with a subsequent pain issue, this same determination, coupled with her inherent creativity, problem-solving skills, and passion for natural remedies led her to study Boericke’s Materia Medica from cover to cover, seeking the best herbs to address common injuries and ailments. After months of research and testing it on herself for her own pain, Andrea was amazed at how quick and potent it was – her formula was born. She had it checked by a local pharmacist and naturopath, both of them astonished at its quick effectiveness. After several years of supplying friends and family with great success and several clients advising her of its accumulative properties, Andrea decided to make it a business. After attending Entrepreneurship for Older Workers and compiling a business plan she has introduced her product at the local Farmer’s Markets with huge success and has clients worldwide. Two years ago, she added Magnesium Oil to her product line, recognizing how important it is to our health and ability to heal. She’s pitched to the Dragons on Dragon’s Den and her current goal is to appear on the shopping channel this year and to establish European distribution.


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• Reduces Pain & Inflammation Quickly• Improves Quality of Life•• Increases Mobility• Effective for both Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis• Absorbs Hematoma’s & Bruising• Improves circulation• Increases Oxygen to Inflamed Area• Clean, fresh scent – no lingering odour• Homeopathic Compatible• All Natural• Optimizes Athletic Performance• Relieves Skin Irritations – bug bites, hives, etc.• No staining, burning, stickiness or greasy residue• Muscle relaxant


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