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P14/12b Living in the NOW

 Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guests Christie McPhee and Tasha Simms. Aired on MARCH 27th 2014 on

Living in the Now of life and embracing the new era of turning 60 years old is truly loving life and the possibilities of living true to you. 

Sex and the City meet the Dalai Lama. Buns and Marty use their lively escapades to ignite an authentic inquiry into themselves … an emotionally naked exposé baring all. Their keen observations of life’s twists and turns will inspire you to use your obstacles as a path to your heart’s desire.


Our sons were friends. Like brothers really. We mothers had never met but both our guys kept saying we should. Then Duncan passed away. It was through Marty’s support of Buns’ grieving her son that a deep friendship was forged.

Duncan inspired us. If his life, at 22, could get snuffed out like that, without any warning, then why wouldn’t we live each day to the max … grateful for every second, whether mundane or profound?

Really, we’re not interested in writing just about the happy times. We are interested in also using the pain, the sorrow, the disappointments — the realities of life — to stretch and grow.

Inherent in everything that happens, at the heart of it lies love. Sometimes it doesn’t look like love. We have to go through all the layers of ourselves authentically and feel them in order to reveal that essence.

But hey. It’s not all serious. We have a blast. We go blindly into spontaneous adventures that some might consider reckless (Marty’s word) or random (Buns’ word), but regardless, whatever it is we are doing, we are awake and choosing to live out loud.

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Christie McPhee

I moved from Ontario to BC IN 1988 with my husband and two sons.  We enjoyed a lovely time in Lions Bay where I started the Lions Bay Cafe, edited the local newspaper, and sang in an R & B band.  I became a single Mom (although continue to be great friends with my “waistband” — rhymes with husband), and moved to Horseshoe Bay. I am building a health and wellness business and helping others to do the same.  I am very involved in the community, having co-created the Horseshoe Bay Business Association, and I currently serve as a Director on the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.  I have a very sturdy spiritual practice which has served me well since the loss of my younger son 6 years ago.  While it was a life-changing event, I am thriving and have learned how to continue to celebrate his life and be grateful that he chose me to be his Mom for 22 years.  As a family, we continue to sing together and host an annual event to raise funds for a scholarship through Music BC. I also co-write a blog ( — I’m “Buns”. One of my great passions is singing in a band called “Fowl Mouth McPhee” (we sound like the Dixie Chicks). Last but not least, I have been an intuitive reader for over 10 years, and I continue my training and practice weekly.



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Tasha Simms is an actor, writer, personal growth workshop facilitator, radio host of Conscious Living Radio 100.5 FM and a  Registered Professional Counsellor with a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. Her private practice is in downtown Vancouver. She weaves her skills as a working actor with a body-centered therapeutic approach she developed to facilitate a fully expressive life in touch with one’s authentic nature.

Practicing the principles of A Course in Miracles for over 19 years she believes our birthright is a life of passionate, freedom, joyfully human yet in perfect alignment with spirit. Life is meant to be juicy and her work is designed to wake up the senses and invite an experience of the Divine Essence that is at the core of all of us.

Tasha was one of the first Canadian female DJ’s in a daytime on-air spot in rock n roll radio, at Q-107 FM Toronto.

“It was a time when women were locked into sultry all night time spots with radio consultants believing that daytime listeners (who were predominantly female) did not want to listen to other women, only guys. I talked my way into getting a shot in the 9-1pm spot knowing that was untrue and have loved pushing the boundaries ever since.”

She is currently writing a book that marries the adventure of internet dating with expanding one’s consciousness called How to Turn Finding the One into Finding Yourself.

And of course turns all personal obstacles into opportunities in the very personal blog called Authentically Yours written by Buns and Marty.  She’s Marty.

Sometimes I consider myself a juggler since I just keep adding careers to what I do. I love them all! 

Authentic Self Counselling

Tasha Simms M.A. M.P.C.P

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.



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