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  A word that causes so much confusion, what is oneness and what does it mean for us?

Oneness is NOT a giving up of your person, not a becoming a borg (Star Trek), or mindless, speechless, a droid or abstaining from responsibility; it is about being abundant within your self, being vibrant and full of life, being purposeful and living a meaningful life, and then sharing life that with everyone else.

We may call it wholeness, unity, togetherness, community, all for one and one for all, no matter what you may call it, coming together as spirit and human we unit our divine energy as ONE.

When we seek oneness we are looking for those who resonate on the same frequency or higher, the same positive energy as our selves. Like minded, like hearted, like souled and spirited people who like us want to help the world by aiding and supporting each other.

Coming together is about kindness, respect, self value, value of life and an embracement of love. Love, that magical word, a word that is over used and not used enough, not spoken in understanding but needing to be spoken in truth, love; just a word, but it is in the action of love that we need, the giving, sharing, doing of love, not just for some but for and from everyone.

When we fall in love every thing about us heightens, we can and do lose our reasoning, we feel tingly, we are in a zone of pure joy, but sustaining that kind of ethoric love is unattainable and if lucky it settles down to a glowing love that if honest and  will grow over time deeper and broader for ever.

Love starts with us first; we must have that love of self before we can love anyone else or be loved by anyone else truly. Self respect, self value, self care, is the foundation of self love. We will never find that undying love if we do not first have it within our selves from our very core.

Love and oneness is uniting, an energy that serves each other and our community. In unison of self love, respect and value for each other, we become a force that is so resonating that it units and invites others into that pure energy of Oneness. The divine energy that flows in around and through you, is one of such harmony and meaning that it grows in joy of that wonderful collaboration of said oneness.

So find that love of self by taking your journey into self discovery, embrace the love you have for you, exude that love out, radiate it, share it, and water the seeds of life with it so it may help all life grow. We are all a part of this world, we are all connected, each colour, race, gender, faith, we are one, it is time we came together in that unity filled with love of self, of life and our meaningful purpose and be the contributors to this planet and all living things in it, it is time for ONENESS.

By Sara Troy 

Self Discovery Radio 

For a show on this Oneness Show


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