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Neo Positivity

When I first saw how the rich and famous were using the phrase “thoughts become things” to get exactly what they wanted out of life, I decided to make this art my main priority. Getting free things and predicting which company was going to send me their product for free next, were good “party tricks” but I wanted to go for life’s greatest accomplishments. Soon after I was retired at the age of 28, new house, new car, custody of my kids, etc. and I haven’t slowed down one step. That was in 2009. Just like with any great news I wanted to share this millionaire’s “Secret” with the world so I created Endless information tackling any subject life can throw at you and videos for those of us who don’t really like reading for hours on end. How can I tackle every subject with 1 philosophy? Identify the problem and the solution will present itself. Life is simple to figure out when you break everything down to the roots.

Most coaches will try to instruct you on how to fix an issue in your life, and your end result is painted over rust. I show you the issue’s origins. Where it came from, how it grew, etc. This way you “know” how to handle it now, and in the future, along with any other issues that may come.


Neomaya De’Jesus Davila, (Origin: Puerto Rican/African American/Native Indian) a Latin-American actor was born March 9th 1981 in Camden, New Jersey. He was raised in Florida till the age of 8. Then Back to New Jersey where he still resides. Excelling in every sport like Football and Karate became top passions only second to Acting. Son of a Camden City Police Sergeant, Neomaya knew that working on the police force would give him an opportunity to combine his passion for acting, with his passion for athletic challenges, and competition.

In January 2003, Neomaya started the Police Academy at Camden County College in Blackwood New Jersey. While there, he made the Dean’s list, came in 1st place in handcuffing, and 1st in his class in shooting, pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and most of the other athletic competitions. After the academy, he was quick to establish a name for himself in the Camden City Police Department. Strong and agile with book smarts, “Neo” or “The One” was a Nickname given to him representing the main character from “The Matrix”. He describes his undercover experiences to be his favourite because he is so confident in his acting ability that it actually keeps him calm. And also has kept him alive for 7 years as an Officer in one of the most dangerous cities in America. Neomaya retired in April 2010, and has recently done 3 YouTube videos about the illegal quotas, unfair labour practices, insurance fraud within the Police Department, and more. These videos have drawn the attention from Major News Papers and News Channels such as the Philadelphia Inquirer and Fox News.

While serving the citizens of Camden City, Neomaya also played Semi-Pro Football for the Voorhees Vikings, attended 3 National Football League professional football combines and is still listed as a free agent. He also started his own Company named Davila Enterprises LLC.

After retirement, he founded 

Facebook: neo.positivity

Linkedin: neomaya-davila


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