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NA 18-39 Broken Back,Cart Wheels and Opioids with Dave Perrego

The Nature of Addiction with Sara Troy and her guest Dave Perrego, on air from September 25th

Dave says”I had been a Communications Specialist for many years. Employed by the Federal Govt. I attended work, in Feb. 1997, as though it were a normal workday. Around 1:00 in the afternoon, I bent down to lift some equipment from it’s housing. I heard and felt my own lower back “snap”, as did those within hearing range of me. Life was going to be radically different from that day forward. I was 42 years old and had my best earning years ahead of me. I would never attend a concert, graduation ceremony, sporting event or drive a vehicle without the influence of pain meds or severe pain for the next 20 years. In 2017 my Orthopedic Surgeon suggested an electronic device that might kill the ever present pain I had experienced every morning when I woke up since the accident.”




I almost laughed at her suggestion but was willing to try anything as anything was better than the pain prescriptions I had ingested for so long. Stim Wave had recently developed a Spine Stimulator and my Doctor thought it could help. In  9/15/2017, she surgically installed it in my back. It worked; the pain was all but gone. I had found an alternative to the meds. That’s when the real work began. Repairing and re-booting the effects of 20 years of pain medications. To term it politely, drugs like this “twist the instincts” and repairing them is job that will take the rest of my life. “Cartwheels in the Parking Lot” tells the story beginning with the injury, continuing through the medical hoops and foolishness and finally concluding with the discharge and withdraw of the pills. It’s a story anyone who has had their lives affected by drugs should read.


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