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My Island of Truth and Purpose.

I have finally found the island, the place where we seek out our spirit, our purpose our truth. What I did not realize in my journey to fit in, to seek and to find, is that I have been on this island all the time. It is my home, my place of being, my sanctuary and my peace. It is where I find my harmony and where above all else I can and do speak my truth. I was born here in this place of tranquillity. I flew here with the gentle winds and bathed in the soft embracing waters or her shorelines. I baked in her sun and walked in her mysteries and discovered her wonderment. She is home to me, my bed to lay my spirit, my blanket to protect me, my sun to warm me and my fruits to feed me.                                                                                                                                                                                                    I am never alone here, for there are others here that know the same purpose and peace. We are here living in the universal paradise readying ourselves for those to come. Who are we that live here and dance with the island? We are the elders, the ones that will greet you at the entrance of the island. You do not have to come in knowledge, but you do have to come in truth and a willingness to learn. You can only gain entrance if you are true in heart, free in spirit and open to wonderment and with intent to teach others in turn. Unlike the popular TV show The Island, we are not here to keep evil in, but to be the centre core of enlightenment and inspiration so that its pupils can come and learn and then go and teach others. It is a place of divine entry, a filtration of inner truth and true calling. A place where you can find your inner truth and a place of finding your knowingness. What is knowingness? It is a place of such undoubted absolute truth that there is nothing that can or will contaminate what you know. When you reach it, you know it is an understanding of information that does not have to be validated, it simply just is. It is a wonderful place to be unless you are with people who cannot see it or don’t want to. But living in this absolute shows such conviction that people cannot argue with your belief factor. I flew as a child, flew high as a young woman, in my flight I reached out and found my knowledge. I have never learned the conventional way, I am a Now learner. Some things that I have read direct me and give me an understanding of what I am living. But for the most part, my knowingness comes from just feeling my truth or what it is I need to know in that time and space.

Space the final frontier, it is the beginning, it is the end, it is everything in-between, and it is just everything. When I am in flight I connect to the molecules of the universe and gain my knowledge. I am one yet an individual within the one of everything. My existence is present at all times somewhere, in something, doing something even in my nothingness. We live in a conscious of non-consciences. I live in my presence and can only speak to my knowledge in the now. When cross-examined on it I falter, for the now is all I am. I have had a hard time living in my body, my consciousness is my home, this body, and its needs draw me away from my being and I end up confused and misplaced. I have had to learn and be at peace and in balance with my soul spirit and body, something that requires a consistent earthly consciousness’. On the island I am whole, I am one. Melded with my divine humanity, I now realize that I am not just an elder in spirit but Soul Now in mind and body. It is time for me now to take my teachings up to another level and embrace the elder in me. I love youth, the spirit dancing in possibilities, the embrace, and hunger for knowledge and the acceptance of inner truth without fear. It is wonderful to see them soar, to see their flight. But as an elder, it is not for me to journey with them but to guide them, give them grounding from which they spring-board from and an open understanding of the passengers they pick up along the way. I love being the elder, now matched with human age, I can just be the wisdom, the balance and the guidance they need to make their own journey. They are the future, so we must guide them well, for as is was in the begging it will be in the end, our existence will be in their hands of the young that grow older and wiser.                                                                                                                               

So come to the island to learn and breathe in its knowledge, embrace its wisdom and take it with you through your journey in your own purposeful life. Some come to look but are not ready to participate in it yet. Their time will come, this lifetime a hundred lifetimes from now, it will come. You can only help the ready only guide those that ask for passage; only liberate those who want it. As in everything in life, it is not for us to walk their walk, but to show the options of the road ahead of them and ready them for the journey. If we have done it right then they will find their spirit that guides them and is that inspiration for others to follow. One can only show them the water, not drink it for them, it must be their free will, their choice to make the journey. The most powerful thing in the universe is the feeling of knowingness, for in that truth there is a sense of peace and love. Life is a feeling guided by knowledge’s sight touch. When our senses are as one we are in that place of truth and the universal centre. Take your head out of it, listen with your eyes, feel with your heart, and speak from the soul. Your head is the CPU the computer to store your knowledge, the truth of your knowledge comes from your soul which is your universal connection. Be open, be honest, be trusting, be still, tap in and feel it, be it and live in it. You know what you need to know in that space of time, all other information serves no purpose till it is needed. Download store somewhere and listen to the universe speak to you, ask and you will receive if you are truly open to hear, feel and see it. So my young spirits, I am here waiting for you excited to feel your being and guide you on your way to greatness. Spirits set free to fulfil their purpose in the greatness of the song and dance we call universal harmony.

Sara Troy

We have Wise ones ready to inspire and guide you with one show at a time.

Original 2010

Updated January 2017


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