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Mind Body Network


MindBodyNetwork is an online global network of traditional and holistic practitioners.

MBN publishes articles on wellness topics and has a digital library where more than 43,000 people have downloaded ebooks; some 28,000 readers have clicked through to the authors’ respective amazon sales pages.

Mind-Body Network covers

Books, Services, Natural Wellness, Fitness,

Spirit, Stress Management, Relationships, Success.

It is free to join MBN.

To Join go to .

Or simply click EXPLORE and enjoy our abundance of free resources.


Dr Laurie Nadel Vice-President of Mind-Body Network and Mind-Body Network cable television (to be launched on Dish and DirectTV in January 2017).  Dr. Laurie has produced an award winning web documentary Dan Rather: Courage Under Fire and is editor of Dan Rather’s Lessons from the Field: Everything I Learned About Life I Learned from Reporting.

More on Dr Laurie’s story GO HERE 

All proceeds from the book are donated to the Committee to Protect Journalists. (


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