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Migrant Woman Magazine UK

Migrant Woman launched in April 2014 and is the dream of Mirela Sula. She brings to her magazine what I bring to radio, the celebration of women and men who embrace their D.I.V.A. their Dreams, Inspirations, Visions, and Aspirations. A true D.I.V.A herself, she and her magazine are profiling the courage strengths and tenacity of women and their journeys.


Migrant Woman is intended to be a mix of light and shade, covering a range of issues. These will include love, relationships, spirituality, meditation, yoga, and inspirational stories from migrant women entrepreneurs. We include those who are British born of second or third generation immigrants, and will observe in future editions the challenges of successfully mixing between two different cultures and languages. Migrant Woman will not shirk from covering some of the darker side of life and hard hitting issues, as you will see from the powerful and moving dossier on domestic violence.

In future issues, Migrant Woman will be featuring more on fashion, food, and humour, blending cultural heritage with the adopted or new country. The initial focus is more London based but will explore other regions of the UK and more countries in the future.

Migrant Woman is a monthly publication that is available online or printed copy, with the intention of becoming a subscription model in the near future. There will also be a free monthly newsletter for those signing up for it. will feature relevant news updates and events, and will be available soon as an app for tablet devices and smartphones. Retail outlets are being approached to stock and sell the magazine.

Migrant Woman welcomes support and engagement through asking for advice from the experts, giving opinions, contributing editorial content stories or features, and providing sponsorship and advertising.

The Editor -in-Chief is Mirela Sula, who spotted a gap in the market and from the positive feedback given to date, Migrant Woman has been highly complimented with confident predictions of future success. Mirela is tapping into a number of issues that she has direct knowledge or involvement with, such as entrepreneurialism, psychology, counselling, domestic violence, meditation and using her skills as a magazine publisher of “Psikostil”. in Tirana, Albania. Mirela is also an author and ‘Don’t let Your Mind Go’ was a best seller in Albania, which has just been translated and published by Hay House for global distribution.

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