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MANKIND are killers, is it not time we became lovers of life instead!

UNTIL we as humans learn to care respect and value one another we will never evolve as a human conscious society. We think that all life is ours to own treat badly, kill and enslave, this is not the fact. Living creatures, our children, our women our sons are not commodities for human pleasure or to the right take a life because of greed, power, money, EGO, status, religion, colour, or faith.

MAN has no right to kill for pleasure, we should have evolved from that already in life. 

The only way to stop this madness is NOT to ignore it but speak out, they only way the animals and children of the world will be safe is when we say NO MORE cruelty, NO MORE killing, NOW MORE abuse, it is time to stop hurting LIFE and start embracing each other.

This man has no value at all for the incredible creatures of the world, he feels they are there for his pleasure, let him know they are not.

We as a humans are the only ones who can stop all of this madness by our OWN actions, take action today and say NO MORE, PLEASE GIVE A LIFE A CHANCE.

Sara Troy

Producer/host Self Discovery Radio


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