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MA20-40 Ann Lieb-Living in Annie-tude

Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy and her guest Ann Leib, on air from September 29th

A mom, consultant, and Executive MBA, I am a loyal, driven, dedicated and empathic warrior who was put on this earth to make an impact on each of you and I do so with every interaction. I live my best life. I’m Living with Annietude.

A force of nature, I am a solution in a sea of issues and a problem-solver in an ocean of obstacles. From feeling ordinary in the minutiae of everyday life to living and working in a broken, toxic lifestyle, I help you uncover what’s slowing you down, making you lethargic, causing conflict in your relationships and keeping your productivity down. I find ways to minimize stress, knock down barriers and strategize fixes that will work. I help you find your annietude.

Being an empath and caring soul were gifts with which I was born, and I would be remiss not to share this with people just like you. Soon, you will be Living with Annietude.

After you or your team partners with me to cleanse your lifestyle, you will be anything but ordinary. Most of all, I’m REAL. And authenticity and I are just what you need to light your fire.


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