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MA 20-40 Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins. Winning my “Grand Slam” an ecstatic feeling!

Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Klara Gubacs-Collins, on air from September 29th

A mind is a crazy place. How do you navigate across this jungle where the confusion is rife and chaos reigns to come out as the champion in your field?

“This is the time to crush your goals like never before”, they said. But there is something undefinable, percolating in your mind. Holding you back from achieving success. I’ve been in that spot many times.

Like several high achievers, I craved winning. For me it turned into winning that one last trophy to clinch my “grand slam”. When push came to shove? I was a complete disaster. Why now? I didn’t feel any different and won many times before.

Since this was the first time I really, consciously, wanted to “win” something. It was also the first time I crashed with my deep Inner Core Conflict (ICC).

I looked for help everywhere. You see, the traditional approaches were missing one key concept: getting to the deep-rooted cause of the problem in a step by step sequential manner. I realized that The Inner Core Conflict (ICC) is the main culprit that holds us back. With a champion’s effort I developed the most potent system that for over 10 years has helped professionals bring their best when it matters the most.

The Winning Mind Blueprint (WMB) is a 5-stage step-by-step system based on the combination of scientific and spiritual processes that creates radical transformation FAST!

While we all get tangled up in this negative mind chatter. High achievers fight through this conflict most of the time, but at a high price! You don’t have to FIGHT anymore! What if you could finally develop a Winning Mind, wake up every morning ready to tackle your next dream so you can start taking control of your time, energy and health?

NOW you can.

Winning my “Grand Slam” has been an ecstatic feeling! Let’s get you to perform to the best of your ability and become a champion in your practice, business, sports, and life! Feel free to reach out if you ever need any support and guidance on these tricky horses. We can get it done together in half the time.

Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins is a University Professor, Professional Speaker, Author. Coach and Multiple Champion Athlete. Dr. Klara’s passion, as a Winning Mind expert, is to help people find and operate from their true inner genius in all aspects of life. Dr. Klara’s expertise stems from over 25 years of academic, and business studies and multiple championships in a variety of sports. She teaches a unique, individually tailored blend of physical, mental and emotional skills to her students and clients to bring them from Contender to Champion in business, sports and life.


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