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LM 17-05 “The James Kōb Experience”

“for the LOVE of Music” with Sara Troy and her guest  James Kob, on air from January 31st


Documentaries come in all shapes and sizes. Some are pretty serious films. Others… not so much. But all documentaries explore conditions, events or people and present them in a “film short” that teaches us something useful or important.

Point in case related to the “people” subject matter:  none of us suddenly “arrives” in our lives at a place or at a point in time to which we were magically transported. Instead, that “arrival” is an accumulation of much of everything we learned, experienced personally or vicariously, were given, created ourselves or were deprived of in some way. Somehow through Kismet, Divine Intervention, just plain sheer determination or a combination of all three… we all arrive “somewhere”.



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Film Director & Storyteller Mark Jacobs of ZZYZX Films has created a masterful documentary: “The Making Of …. The James Kōb Experience” that explores James Kōb’s musical journey in a way that may bring hope to all musical artists and those that appreciate the art of “making music”.

The full film was for released in (2016), but take a look below to see a brief preview of what’s  in the full-length documentary.

Hopefully, this “trailer” will have you looking forward to the full release. Who knows… maybe it will even inspire you to follow your life’s passion.

James Kōb has brought melody and beautiful arrangements back to the popular music genre….. while still keeping it “cool & hip”.

A veteran Am

erican composer, lyricist, arranger and producer… Mr. Kōb has created music that spans across multi-national borders as well as focusing on the music scene here in America.

In developing “The James Kōb Experience”, he has set a new benchmark in music entertainment…… a sort of ‘Broadway-ish, Pop, Jazz, Bossa Nova and a little cinematic music’ affair! In addition, quite a few pieces are performed in French and Portuguese for our European and South American music lovers.

It’s a good kind of different.

[To learn more, visit the DOCUMENTARY Page, read about what’s in store next and watch the documentary preview.]

So get ready for some new music listening enjoyment…. because once you hit the “PLAY” button your lost in the music.


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