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LM 17-002 Groovy People & the Power of Love

“for the LOVE of Music” with Sara Troy and her guest Lynne Fiddmont, on air from January 10th. 


Groovy People making Groovy music gets us into a groove of life, you can’t help but move your hips and lips as you feel Lynne music deep down in your soul, come hear what drives her and all about the Power of LOVE. 

Vessels of love come no bolder, brighter or more beautiful than multifaceted singer / songwriter / arranger / producer Lynne Fiddmont. All that pours forth from her essence is compassion and creativity of purest purpose beauty. Over a career that has seen her glide gracefully from sharing her vocal gifts at the service of world class artists such as Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Bill Withers, Phil Collins, Barbara Streisand, George Duke and Joe Zawinul to recording her own lovingly crafted projects Flow and Lady: A Tribute to Billie Holiday, Lynne generously ladles on the love, the laughter, and the longitude in an artistic situation. Her fourth album, Power of Love, speaks to the many hues and dimensions of matters of the heart be it the brotherhood/sisterhood of global human existence or the slippery sensual space between lovers that shuts the world out like the most delicious of kisses.



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The power of Love is an exquisitely balanced collection of hand-picked classic R&B covers that reveal some of Lynne’s influences and mentors, along with her freshly penned original soul songs that amplify and reflect precisely how those inspirations have helped to shape who she is today – as an artist and as a woman.

“I’m always thinking, ‘How did I get here,’” Lynne confesses. “There are so many great artists. How come I am here right now? Part of this project is about me going back to the songs that started me loving music. Too many younger people have been missing out on them, so I try to bridge that gap. The another part of this project is about how I feel as I look around and wonder, ‘What in the world is happening in the world?’ I want to send a message of love to counter all the hate.”

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