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Living up to the SOULS Integrity.


We are seeing so many people these days awakening to their soul and heart and it is wonderful, we see so many embracing their consciousness and stepping up to the accountability of one’s thoughts, inner words, outer actions; but there is a but, you will also have those who speak spirit but have no Soul Ethics or Integrity.

One does not connect to our divine soul to capitalize on benefiting or profiting from another under false pretences. Opening up to our soul which feeds the heart and lifts the spirit into action and opens our mind to knowingness, is not a game to be played out to serve an ego or greed or to lord over others.

Having said that there are many out there that have changed their careers to being that person who will help you find your divine path with their shared expertise and love. The trick is to know, who are those that come from a reality of soul truth and who are those riding a wave of EGO.


The SOUL is your divine connection to God or source or divine energy whatever you believe in., G.U.S, God, Universe Spirit. It is our truth our knowingness, it is our DIVINE INTELLECT. When we open up to it we know what we need to know when we need to know it, for it is the universal collective knowledge that has no need of lies. IT IS PEACE IT IS LOVE IT IS WHOLENESS.

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Spiritual vampires 

When someone speaks spirituality or conscious belief, make sure that it is coming from their soul and heart and not just another way to make a buck or feed their EGO. Spirit Charlton’s speak to those who are vulnerable and in soul heart recovery for they are in desperate need to be fed hope and a how to be guided forward into a life of loving meaningful purpose.

Being tuned in, listening to your soul, feeding your heart, lifting your spirit and stepping into knowingness is key to living an ethical integral life. BEWARE of those who are speaking it but not practising it, do not let them pull the wool over your eyes of damage your soul. You will know who they are, the soul vampires, they are the ones who speak first of EGO self importance, not the importance of self ( the difference being one is derived of feeding yourself mind body and soul the other is feeding your insecurity and ego) If it is all about your possibilities, if you see constant promotion of them, if it is about them them them, then it is not about YOU.

Those that truly care, share……those that heal have been there……those that are real, speak to your heart and soul……those that are truth, speak in knowingness. 

There are people out there doing DIVINE work in healing of our souls, minds, body and lifting our spirits in to action, hear them, feel them, know them, for their journey is what has made them who they are, their thoughts words and actions speak to who they are, look feel and hear them, then choose that someone you connect to and embrace their love kindness and spirit, for they are the ones who will authentically move you forward into embracing your divine life.

MINDFULNESS is SOULFULNESS so feel your thoughts, hear your heart, and listen to your soul for that is what puts your spirit into action.

Remember to stay in the integrity of soul one must always be honest in intent and in action, can you look at your self in the mirror and be open and honest with self? for that is where the truth starts, you are your word, your action, your truth, own it, be it, speak it, share it, for that is what life is about SOUL HEART SPIRIT INTEGRITY.

By Sara Troy 

Self Discovery Radio Owner/Producer /Host


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