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Lets Talk Mental

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks to the issue of Mental talk, is essential to bring about understanding and remove stigma and find a solution to the challenge. 


I recently watched The Social with our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussing the need for awareness of mental health.

There are not many PM ‘s in the world who would be so open about his mothers and wife’s journey with mental challenges. The courage and openness sheds a light on the stigma of mental challenge and why we have such an issue with it.

We need more leaders to step off their podium and speak with the people about issues that have such a huge affect of our society today. So much that is taboo these days, need to be addressed, when these things are in the open we dilute their stigma and with an open dialogue get people asking learning and becoming more compassionate about the topic.

I have been very open to that fact I suffer from depression, but also that it is also a gift, it is how we choose to see it and allow its voice to aid us and not cripple us. A longer article on depression and what has helped me here what-is-anxiety-and-depression-and-can-we-just-snap-out-of-it

There is an epidemic of PTS, Anxiety, Depression, Bio Polar and other more troubled mental challenges. It cause lives to derail, jobs lost, strain on the medical system that does not what to do with it, familiarities been hurt by it and society misunderstanding it.

WHY what is going on? we have put the human being through too much with out the tools to survive the many changes life has.

We have grown technacially expectationally in the last 40 years, but the human psyche has not evolved as fast, we do too much, more is demanded of us everyday, we are expected to be supper humans and we just can’t cope with it, the strain on the mind and disconnect to heart and soul is killing us.

The other thing is we have lost our way, we have been living by the code of societies expectations and dictations that we have lost the ability to hear from within and honour our life’s path to live in meaningful purpose, we don’t know how to hear ourselves, our soul, heart, spirit and mind, because there is too much chatter.  WE CAUSE OUR OWN STRESS.

So what do we do? we listen, we tune in, we be still, we switch of outside noise and we take a journey of Self Discovery to our S.E.L.F our Soul Enabling Life Force. We are all here for a reason, we all have a path to walk, and when we choose to slow down, tune in, start asking about our why and investigating our possibilities, we discover things about our selves that we never knew where there because we could not hear.

So start taking about issues that make you uncomfortably, start asking questions so you can understand, so you can be a part of the healing, the solution while educating each other on the empowerment of an open honest conversation that removes the stigma of mental and physical issues.

With over 1300 shows on Self Discovery Radio we have covered so many ways to find your Why, your How and with Whom, all you have to do is journey our archives and let a show talk to you, for someone else’s journey is a knowingness in walking your path to a meaningful purpose in your own life.

To see the whole The  Social episode go here

Sara Troy 

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