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Leadership, its responsibilities, and rewards.


The ability to lead is not a given right but earned through experience strength, patience, belief, value and true Character. The earned right to be a leader is in the approach of courage, understanding, and ability to speak to the issue at hand while being true to the company and co-workers and themselves. Someone who throws their weight around and dictates to others what they should do is not a leader, but a dictator. The Leaders that you want to follow are ones who have walked the road themselves and understand the journey. They also understand the people who taught them along the way and now teach others to do the same. They must also create leaders from the people they teach. The leader’s approach of “I am only effective if we are all on the same page for the same reason” creates innovation and collaboration in the people they lead. Being approachable, listening, and respecting and valuing the thoughts of others and then knowing decisively what to do with the collective thought, defines a leader. For anyone to wants to follow a leader they must first have respect for them. This comes because of an” I believe in you” attitude and inspiring confidence in followers. How many employees do not live up to their worth? A leader should bring out in the individual an ability to strive beyond the surface of their potential and succeed beyond their expectations.

A positive attitude creates possibilities in everyone; everyone success is everyone’s victory.

An authentic leader’s habit is everyone else’s habits. Lead by example, stand by what you believe in, your company, your employees, your products. Be excellence and inspire excellence in everyone you work with. A leader is popular during the good times, but what happens when bad times knock on the door? If the leader has inspired faith, respect, and loyalty in everyone in the company, then solutions will be collectively found because of the united strength and mutual benefits. Value yourself and place value on those around you, as it speaks to the brilliance that you inspire in others. Everyone no matters what wants to be valued for whom they are and what they do, and should always be acknowledged for that. To gain power you must first empower. Being powerful is not strength and power can lead to disruption if they need to lord over others. The strength you give is the empowerment you receive. Leadership is a journey of life in life, in order to be called a true leader one must respect the journey and inspire followers to walk alongside of you. You as the leader step up the plate and representing your people and their interests in order for them to believe in you enough to follow you anywhere.

Gratitude; this amazing gift of being grateful to those who help in whatever way, grows beyond any expectation. Being a true leader will mean others will want to emulate you now and long after you have gone. This truly marks your success, being remembered and respected for your value on the people you lead. Talent, passion, need, conscience, and a personal voice is the right of everyone, and a true leader will open the door through teaching, listening, valuing and nurturing the strengths and possibilities in the people for whom they direct and guide.

Sara Troy


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