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Killing is wrong in the name of anything.

What makes a TERRORIST? and have we invited them to hate us?


May all heal and come together in the unity of peace and love.

First, my heart and soul goes out to the innocents of this barbaric murders, having said that we must look at the real culprits not the whole race. There is a regime out there who hate every thing America, and the stirrings up of hate towards all Muslims by Donald Trump has stirred the pot. What do you think would happen? That they would take it lying down? We are looking at a small percentage of murders who kill in the name of a make believe god, we are looking at a race of men who have no value for women, we are looking at arrogance ignorance and an assumption that they are the true ones.

So let us focus on the few that have committed these crimes and not the whole race of many who are victims them selves and make sure hate and revenge is not targeted at those who do not fight this war, but nether less find them selves in the thick of it because of their race and faith.

We must take accountability for our actions, for our thoughts, for our reaction, for if we choose hate over love, we become the victims.

It will be a true test of humanity at this time, do you support the hate the fear the revenge, or do you support the education the evidence of who is really guilty and the innocents and make sure it does not become another war.

My fear is that this plays right into Trumps hands, he will declare war, he will incite hate there will be more murders done because he has incited more hate and those people will have nothing to do with the attacks. We have to ask, did we invite this? did we incite this? did we fund this? Hard questions, but we need a hard look at the root of the problem not just the emotion.

We have to understand we are the problem, we are so quick to blame hate and kill someone else for wrong doings, when we are avoiding, ignoring, and abstaining from any responsibility in the problem. Take a look, he had mental issues but got no help, he has been looked at for potential terrorism and yet he could buy MILITARY ASSAULT RIFFLE.


If you speak about killing Muslims, if you speak of sending everyone home, building walls, bullying any one who disagrees with you, if you divide degrade demoralise any one who is foreign in America you will have an internal war that will only lead to millions dead and a country so divided it will take a 100 years to recover.Look to the root of the problem what the real issues are at hand and seek solutions that go deep and help build a more united cohesive nation.

Justice must be served but be mindful that it is done in truth not fear and hate.


Please be mindful America, being outraged is ok, wanting to blame someone is natural, but targeting people just because they are the same race as terrorists is wrong. There is not a nation today that does not have blood on its hands, America included, but to seek out violence to revenge violence is self destructive.

Black white yellow brown, let us look to the soul of a person not clump them together to hate. You have America hated for so long, your native Indians, your African Americans, Mexicans, and any one else who you feel threatened by. But America, your country the land of the FREE, is made up of all nations from all walks of life, and your violence comes in all colours as you are a nation who loves your guns and puts people last and profit first as history has noted.

I love America, I love its people, I love its opportunities, but I cannot like its guns, its willingness to hate so easily its willing to attack anything because of differences. It is not just terrorists, its your gay community, its your African American community, your Mexican community,  your inequality, there seams to be a constant war on something. I know your people want peace, they want unity, the want to respect and work together as a whole unit, not divided, not segregated, not hated not in constant fear.

Bernie Saunders, has been spreading the word of unity, community, of self respect and respect for each other. He has been speaking to the 1% who hold the power who start the wars, who capitalise from them, holding them accountable, making them feel threatened because they may loose their power they have over you all.

 Make sure just like Paris, you come together to heal to respect one another to show love for each other and do not let the terrorist win, because fear, hate, violence towards one another is doing their work for them.


My prayers and divine wishes are with you America, may your choices right now be ones that will unit in love not hate in your country, go after the culprits but don’t hold accountable others who had nothing to do with it.

Hate begets hate, it leads to war to death to destruction. Even through your hurting right now, let your healing be of love of community, of unity in peace and togetherness grow.

No matter our sex, no matter our faith, no matter our views, stand together for each other and give peace a chance. 

By Sara Troy


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