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Jutta Wohlab the Birthing Coach

Everyone deserves the best start in life

Pizzas, parcels, good news-bad news are delivered but babies should be really born.

Over the last few years, when hospitals have become increasingly busy and understaffed, creating a birth plan can be a great way to express your hopes and wishes about your upcoming birth. A birth plan will help to ensure that everybody involved in the birth understands what it is you really want.

After months of doing the labour of love, filming and creating …finally, my first “Baby “is born.

Birthing is as natural as conceiving yet giving birth has become an industry instead of a divine experience. Juta a midwife of over 30 years with 2800 births to her name and Bill father of 9 and first to bring a birthing site of awareness to the people on their rights and shared experiences.


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