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Joshua Shapiro on Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skull Stories Receiving my 1st Crystal Skull which is called “Portal de Luz” (Portal of Light)

(Tales of a real life Crystal Skull Explorer by Joshua Shapiro, GA, USA -- the origin version of this article was written in about 2010 or so and was updated and re-edited for the Metaphysical Hub, in July of 2020).

Joshua holding his skull "Portal de Luz" during research with the "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull" for the Syfy Show in 2008 about Crystal Skulls


The year is 1999 (late April) – the place is Sedona, AZ (USA). The occasion is a Crystal Congress organized by Dr. Chet Snow which includes several guardians and teachers of crystal skulls who each offer a talk about their knowledge and their experiences. One of the speakers is yours truly.

My personal goals for this conference 1) An opportunity to speak at a national conference and also, via the table or booth we had (sharing with an ex-wife) plus an opportunity to make new contacts for our business and the possibility of new locations to visit to offer new public talks about the crystal skulls.

2) Many of the speakers were close friends of mine, so it was a wonderful opportunity to visit with them and even perhaps, several at the same time. Also this was a great chance to meet their

personal crystal skulls and do some private research.

3) An additional goal was to acquire a newly carved skull, maybe 3 or 4 lbs. at most. I was planning to take a special journey to Peru in that fall, for the exact purpose of seeking the legendary “Blue Crystal Skull”. Now as unbelievable as this may sound, I was having a strong telepathic and contact with this skull, existing in a higher vibrationary dimension. In 1990, I had sensed in a prior trip to Peru in 1990 (as my body was magnetically pulled in this direction) that such a skull may exist in the northern part of this country. For a brief moment, at our breakfast at our hotel in Lima, I even had a vision of this crystal skull. Therefore, would this lastest excursion to Peru in 1997 bring for me a special opportunity to meet this crystal skull in person?

How did I meet “Portal de Luz” and become “his” Guardian? (This is the name of the Crystal Skull I was gifted during this Crystal Congress. It will read before, like a story if I share this next section as it will be told in 3rd person) The stage is set now. This special meeting of guardian and crystal skull takes place on the first day of the conference, a Friday afternoon. Joshua is watching from his booth the speakers of the conference giving their presentations. Then, one of the speakers, a woman who has her own crystal skull, decides she wants to do a world peace meditation with everyone present working with the energies of the crystal skull.

This is "Portal de Luz", a smoky quartz crystal, 10 lbs crafted by a the well-know Brazilian carver Leandro, in 1998

So, Joshua asks the couple at the booth next to his own, that would be Joe & Marylee Swanson, if he could borrow a crystal skull from their table (as they had like 50 newly made skulls for sale) to hold and work with during the meditation and they said “ok”. So he picks a fairly large smoky quartz skull (about 10 lbs.), a very nicely carved skull with clear and full features and proceeds to have a very pleasant and powerful meditation. Thereafter, he places the crystal skull back on the Swanson’s table and expresses his gratitude. So that is that, so Joshua thinks!

But lo and behold, his ex-wife Vera, who was born in Brazil, shortly thereafter, approaches Joshua out of the blue and shows him the very same crystal skull he picked for the meditation. She presents this skull to him, holding the crystal skull in her hands and then the conversation goes approximately like this:

Vera: “So what do you think about this skull, could you live with it?”

Joshua: Well yes sure .. it is a nicely done skull (if you visit our website in the bio below, you will see photos of this crystal skull) – I could accept such a skull.”

Vera: “Well good, then it is yours!!”

Joshua: “What do you mean? Are you crazy? This is a large crystal skull, it has to be quite expensive (a skull’s price is based upon its weight and 10 lbs. is a very large piece of quartz which today could easily sell for thousands of dollars …) – how can you afford this?”

Vera: “Well my last trip to Peru (Vera is a tour guide for spiritual journeys to Peru) did very well. So its yours!!” END OF STORY (back to first person ….)

Well dear readers this is how I came together with this crystal being. And I call him a “being” because he is alive and speaks to me telepathically all the time. Sometimes it is hard to get “Portal”, my nickname for him, to be quiet.

I would like to go a bit of topic here, and explain what I mean by having a crystal skull talk to you, before I continue. Because I am sure for some of my readers, this might sound quite strange or even crazy. That a stone has an intelligence within it and can telepathically speak to a person – ludicrous yes? Now, I am not the only crystal skull guardians who has conversations with their personal crystal skull or skulls. Katrina Head is my divine life partner, and we met in the Atlanta area in 2009 and basically have been inseparable ever since. “Portal de Luz” is not the only crystal skull we have, we have about 30 in all. Each one is unique and difference and each one has its own personality, if you will. For Katrina, when the skulls speak to her, she actually hears their voice by her ears. So the crystal skulls, whatever is this consciousness or dimensional intelligence that works through them, seems to know what inner spirit gift each guardian has and will use that gift to communicate with them.

But then you may ask, how could such an intelligence communicate through a crystal skull. Well here is my theory how this works, and I will be discussing the crystal skulls made from some type of quartz crystal in particular. As you are not doubt aware, in today’s world, all type of electronic equipment we use works with pieces of quartz. Quartz is used because it amplifies an electrical current and also quartz, which is silicon dioxide, there are silicon wafers also used to hold the tiny chips used for our devices to work. Some say this technology came from crashed UFOs from the 1940s, where the ET tech was back engineered. Your guess is as good as mine. We also know that from a more spiritual or paranormal perspective, quartz is also used by gifted spiritual healers to receive higher frequencies of energies and amplify them which boost the healers personal energy and gifts so the healing given is quite powerful. Essentially, a piece of quartz crystal is a transmitter and receiver of various levels of vibrational frequencies and energies as well as to some is also able to open up a dimensional door as well.

I believe that since quartz can work simultaneously through various dimensions as well as act as a cosmic portal, spiritual and dimensional beings who are around us, take advantage of this property and will animate the crystal skulls. You see these intelligences know that the easiest way to communicate with us will be telepathically and working through the crystal skulls, it is easier for us to hear them. Plus they take on being the personality of the crystal skull, which looks like a human head or face, something we are accustomed to looking at, and so we are not afraid of the skulls. They contain a loving energy and wisdom from these beings, who want to help us (but can only do so subtly) so they will use the crystal skulls to communicate with us. Also usually the crystal skull will give a name to its guardian as well.

Anyway, let’s head back to my story of what happened in 1999 in Sedona, after I became the guardian (or “Portal” calls me dad, so we could say I am a proud “papa”) of “Portal” and how he began to teach me starting at the conference, and then afterwards when we went back home (the Chicago area), how to activate “him” and bring a crystal skull to life!! If you already are a crystal skull guardian or caretaker this might offer to you some new ideas. And if you are not, then it will show what might happen to you if you ever should decide to become a guardia


After I received this beautiful but large crystal skull from Vera (his name did not come to us yet, that is not until we were about ready to leave Sedona, during that Sunday night) – I left him on the Swanson’s table for the rest of the conference for that day, on Friday. Then when the conference finished, we took him home (I mean our hotel room) and I slept next to “him” during the night. My head was right next to this small night table which the skull was resting upon.

Now a strange thing happened to me during the night (I suppose) and into the morning. When I woke up the next day, it was as if I had been speaking to this crystal skull during the entire night. Why you ask did I feel or believe this? Well, I thought something had happened because in my mind was information about some type of etheric energy grid that was up in the sky, but not visible to our physical eyes. Upon this grid sat every crystal skull currently in our physical world that had been activated (or brought to life), by their guardian or guardians (over time, and I think this timeframe was over thousands and thousands of years). Each of these crystal skulls had a precise location they were sitting on this energy grid. And it didn’t matter whether the crystal skull was a very old one (known or unknown) or it was one of the newly carved skulls being done by modern carvers, all activated crystal skulls had their place on this grid.

And when I say I saw all of these crystal skulls in this grid, it was like it was their etheric image or a ghost-like aspect of the skull (a part of its energy or essence) in a shimmering form that was present. However, this etheric copy or essence always maintained a contact with the real or physical crystal skull, if this makes sense.

Next, I had to get up very early that morning as I wanted to participate in a Mayan Sunrise Ceremony (my first ever) which was held in front of the hotel where the conference was taking place. This special ceremony was being conducted by two Mayan Priests who were from Guatemala that were closely associated with the well-known Mayan Teacher and Priest, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj. My crystal skull (“Portal”) was allowed (as were many other skulls in the possession of other crystal skull guardians this day) to participate in this ceremony. I felt very fortunate and honored that “Portal” was able to sit next to, on the ground, what many people consider to be a very ancient (old) crystal skull that is known as “ET”.

Now, “ET” is made of a dark smoky quartz and was found on the property of a Mayan Family in ab

out 1924. This skull has the appearance and form of what some might consider to be an extraterrestrial looking crystal skull as it is elongated on the top with a pointed jaw. If you look at the photo here, you will see what I mean. This crystal skull found it way to be with its guardian, Joky van Dieten, a Dutch lady who like myself, had a very strong affinity for crystal skulls. “ET” (which is the name Joky heard the first time her and I met this crystal skull via the owner of a crystal store in southern California that received this skull from the Guatemalan family), is actually one of ten beautiful crystal skulls that came to Joky over a number of years, which is now in the care of her son who lives near Vancouver, B.C., Canada. So in a way, part of “Portal’s” awakening or activation is linked to Mayan based energies which were released through this ceremony and also shared with him by “ET”.

Then “Portal” sat at our booth on display for the last two days of the Congress. And when there was some breaks over the next two days, “he” had a chance to sit with some of the old crystal skulls who were present as their guardians had been invited to share these crystal skulls with the Congress participants and also each of these guardians gave a talk too. So, he visited with such skulls as “Windsong” held by Floyd Petri (an ex-secret service agent), the other crystal skulls which Ms. van Dieten had brought (beyond “ET”) and the three crystal skulls (two considered to also be Mayan) held by Dael Walker and his wife Laurie. Having had contact with his older brother and sister skulls helped “Portal” tremendously to awaken to the energies hidden within “him”. Also we did two group meditations over the final days of the Congress with the other crystal skull guardians. One mediation was at Bell Rock (the stone looks like a large Bell), a powerful energy vortex near the hotel of the conference and Airport Vortex, near the center of downtown Sedona right by the local airport.

And then finally, the last night of our stay, we stayed in another hotel and shared a room with Joky van Dieten. During the evening, Vera and I had a discussion about what do we call this beautiful crystal skull, what is his name? Vera thought we should give him a Portuguese name because the quartz which the skull was made from came out of the ground in Brazil and the carver was Brazilian. So she suggested “Portal” which means door in English. But that didn’t seem sufficient for me so I added “de Luz” (of Light). Thus this is how the

skull’s name came to pass. Then, I as the proud “Papa” took “Portal de Luz” back to his home (which was the suburbs of Chicago at this time) the very next day. But when we arrived home, I decided to weigh the skull to see his exact weight and he was 8 lbs. I swear to God this was the weight. But then on the following day when I weighted him again, he was 10 lbs. How could a solid object change its weight like this, I wondered? “Portal de Luz” is really 10 lbs in “his” neutral weight so how he got lighter the day before is a slight mystery (probably has to do with the energy a crystal skull holds at various time, perhaps). This was a sure sign that we would have many adventures ahead working with this crystal skull although, at that moment. I had no idea what to do with “Portal”. So the only thing I could think of to do was meditate with him once a day and sometimes I would sleep with him.

Anyway, this article is an example of what can happen to you if you decide to become a guardian of a crystal skull. All I can say is prepare to have your life forever changed and your new crystal skull will also serve as a powerful catalyst to awaken the true you inside.

Thank you for your kind attention, hope you enjoyed this article,

In peace and light always

Joshua Shapiro

A crystal skull explorer

================================== Bio: Joshua Shapiro has been personally involved with the crystal skulls since 1983, when he saw his first crystal skull in person of that year, in April, at a local art gallery in San Jose, California. This crystal skull is known today as “Ami” and is a young adult-size skull made of amethyst discovered in Mexico. Since then, now working with his divine life partner, Katrina Head, the crystal skull explorers share the best information about the crystal skulls using all forms of media. Joshua has been a guest on numerous radio shows and for TV documentaries about the crystal skulls as well as met in person quite a few of the most known crystal skulls. He is also is the author of several books about the crystal skulls. Katrina and Joshua currently have about 30 crystal skulls which they act as their guardians.

Joshua just recently appeared on the popular paranormal/world mysteries / conspiracy radio show known as Coast to Coast AM (the late evening, early morning of July 10th-11th), broadcast out of southern California. He offered to the listening audios three free e-books (PDF format) he has written, which is now available to the members of this website. These are: their free crystal skull e-book, the 2018 edition, over 100 pages; a small e-book of evidence that we live in a computer simulation and; a special message he received from his future-self in this lifetime called rJis what the world of 2037 looks like. To get your copy of these special e-books, just sent an email to Joshua (see below) with the subject “The Hub – Free E-books” and he will send them to you via an email back.

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