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Jenny Mannion’s School of Wellness Mastery Course

Do you remember feeling so blissfully happy at some point in your life?

– Maybe it was a time in nature.

– Perhaps it was a proud or special moment for you or someone you loved.

– It could be it a moment where time seemed to stand still and you felt like you didn’t have a care in the world.

So many people think these blissful moments are momentary and are few and far between.

That does NOT have to be the case and is NOT how you were meant to live! I went from 7 years of chronic pain and being told I would wind up living in a wheelchair with no hope of recovery – to healing myself physically and emotionally in just a matter of weeks.

Not only that… in the years following, I manifested a relationship beyond my wildest dreams, got my first book published, was a featured radio and TV guest speaker (including PBS) and I’ve since witnessed dozens of profound healings throughout my practice as a healing practitioner including many cancer survivors who became thrivers!

Your life CAN be filled with BLISS and it truly begins with YOU! No one else can create it or hand that to you. YOU need to create it for yourself and it needs to come from within.

The Embracing Bliss Course:



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