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Intuitive Beliefs

Tune in to hear Intuitive Beliefs with Susan Turnbull. 

Everything we want for our selves in life that is of value starts with love of self. Learning to value our inner selves through love, opens our doors to embracing life of meaning.

We will have a variety of hosts on this show to share their journey to embrace their souls hearts and spirits in order to know the love of self.

Would it surprise you to know that of the 70,000 thoughts you have per day, you only have conscious control of 5% of them? That means that 95% of your thoughts and beliefs are running below the surface, in your subconscious, out of your awareness and on auto-pilot. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of beliefs stored within that 95%.


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Show Host

Susann Turnbull


Susann Turnbull is a Transformational Beliefs Coach, Certified Bio-Kinesiologist, Emotional Energy Specialist, Human Design Specialist, Author, Public Speaker, Workshop/Seminar Facilitator and Spiritual Intuitive. She teaches a 5 week signature tele-class series (“Beliefs Breakthrough Coaching” )and has created a specialized program for the “at risk” population in helping them to uncover the self-limiting and conflicting beliefs that hold so many back from their success in life.

Years ago through Susann’s own personal challenges and tragedies, she was able to uncover the core beliefs that were creating so much pain, trials and tribulations in her own personal life. Through this journey Susan  created a proprietary “Beliefs Breakthrough Assessment” that uncovers more of the self-limiting and conflicting beliefs than anything out there in the industry today. This assessment is unparalleled in the industry and with this unique assessment and Susan’s intuitive gifts, she is able to be the catalyst for the “breakthrough” moments within the first session for the clients that come to her from all over the world.

Everything you read now about the times we are in is demanding that people let go of their self-limiting beliefs and old patterns in order to move forward. Susan’s show will guide you in finding out just how to do this easier than you ever thought possible.

Through my own life challenges many decades ago, I began to study everything I could find on Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology as well as Alternative and Holistic healing. I was also aware that I was “waking up” to my Life’s Purpose and continues to pursue this today.

Many have asked me what kinds of challenges created my desire to do the work I do. I am a Domestic Violence Thriver as well as having lost a daughter to Domestic Violence in 2009. These events are by far not the only challenges I have faced but certainly the ones that began my search for inner peace and spiritual empowerment.

I began to have “gifts” open up for me through my darkest hours and have embraced these gifts that I share with my clients today. I am a very powerful Spiritual Intuitive and it has served both me and my clients in many, many ways. I also raised a daughter with full blow psychic abilities as well as being a medical intuitive. This experience was also challenging as well as rewarding.

I have an extensive background in working with the “energy of emotions” and this includes but is not limited to being a Transformational Beliefs Coach, Emotional Energy Specialist, Human Design Specialist, Bio-Kinesiology Facilitator, Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host and Spiritual Intuitive.

My coaching clients span the globe where for the past 15 years I have assisted countless people in breaking through their self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.

With my proprietary “Beliefs Breakthrough Coaching Assessments”, my ability to assist clients in breaking through to their core beliefs and issues blocking their success is unprecedented in the “beliefs” segment of the coaching industry.

Another extremely valuable tool in my arsenal is the Human Design System. The Human Design System is a cutting edge personality assessment tool that will show you the exact strategy for living your life with purpose, ease, joy and abundance.

I am a Human Design Specialist and integrate this incredible tool with my “Beliefs Breakthrough Coaching Assessments” to first be able to uncover all of your self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, then your personal Human Design Chart uncovers your unique “blueprint” for living your life “on-purpose”.

In addition to my unique and effective style of coaching, and years of experience, I have created and have recently launched another ground breaking program I call “Spiritual Integration”.

This coaching program can take the busiest executive or soccer mom and teach them how to integrate the spiritual tools into their busy everyday lives so that progress is on warp speed.

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches you what you need to learn.

  My coaching methods teach you what you need to learn in a way that accelerates your growth without interrupting your life.

I was once asked in an interview “Susan, what is your magic pill? What is the ONE thing you do that is unique to you?” After looking back at my years of teaching and coaching, where my clients were at the beginning of our journey together and where they landed when they were done, I realized simply:

“I facilitate the awakening one breakthrough moment at a time.”

It is there within all of us, just under the surface, waiting to emerge from within each of us. I have just been blessed to have the skills, experience, tools, wisdom and ability to facilitate for my clients as they “wake up” to their own unique and magnificent Divinity.  I am blessed in knowing what my Life Purpose is and sharing my unique wisdom and message with the world.

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I have had my Human chart done by Susan and some Belief coaching and it gave me a much better understanding of why I am and do what I do. I am so pleased to say that she has helped others I recommended her to with great results.

Sara Troy


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