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Inspiring South Africans

Heather de Wit

The Spirit of South Africa is alive and well !

Says Heather :

“South Africa is a beautiful country, abundantly rich in many things, including it’s people!

Table Mountain in Cape Town


Inspiring South Africans was created to honour the legacy of our belated and beloved Nelson Mandela, to keep his dream for South Africa alive and to drive it forward and it’s up to the people !

My foremost intention with Inspiring South Africans is to inspire people to start or continue the journey of healing of the self. It only takes one inspiring story to start the process and Inspiring South Africans could just be your ticket !

Africa is where it all started. It is the solar plexus of the planet Earth, the Cradle of Humankind and it needs to heal, before the planet can move on and why should a spark of the healing not come from Inspiring South Africans ?

Is ‘inspiring’ a noun or a verb in ‘Inspiring South Africans’ ?

I am happy to say it is both, as my guests on this show will be –

Inspiring South African people and organizations, who are inspiring others and people outside our borders, who are inspiring us as a people.

Such as…

Humanitarians>Philanthropists>Anthropologists>Archaeologists>Coaches>Therapists> Visionaries>Writers>Environmentalists>Adventurers>Community Upliftment program facilitators, etc. People in the Sports arena, which is a huge country unifier. People in the Performing Arts and all other genres that form a part of The Arts. This genre forms a vital and integral part of the fabric and mosaic of any country and needs to thrive and affords a beautiful space of healing.

Through this show, I am reaching out to all South Africans in or out of South Africa to join us in celebrating these great people.

As a people, we need to strive to live our South African slogan ‘Local is lekker’ and to keep our uniquely own thing ‘Ubuntu’ alive !

I’m excited about this journey – Yes !”


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Show Host   Heather de Wit

Heather de Wit of Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa is the Founder of Inspiring South Africans

Says Heather : “I would describe myself as an ‘out there’ creative, whose fierce spirit at times needs to be reigned in, I have to confess …I am a curious seeker of the truth in all things, nothing is ever as it seems. I find this fascinating.

I have thrived as an Entrepreneur in ‘The Republic of Hout Bay’ for 30 odd years, striving always on the ability to serve.”

Heather also dons a few hats – A Consciousness Teacher, A self taught Artist, a Jazz flavoured Singer, Writer of consciousness teachings, poetry and inspirational content and now a Global on line radio show Host with PLV Radio..

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