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IG20-41 La Shonda and your Womb Love

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest La Shonda Herring, on air from October 6th

La Shonda say “I’m here to tell you Amazing woman you are a DIVA, QUEEN and GODDESS on the inside. You want something more out of life then what is presently showing up, I get it!!!”

Womb Love: It helps us create and connect us to the past, connects to our relationship with others and ourselves, it is our guidance system and we have chakras aligned with our womb that affects our emotions. Your Womb is your creativity and soul wisdom.

I created this sacred place for women to get help along their journey to serve the tribe they were born to serve. I use my training toolbox, I call it {Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction, metaphysical concepts, and traditional education (BS in psychology & MSW)} to assist women in creating peace of mind so they can get clarity on their gifts & talents which are then used to create financial security and abundance. Along the way, they gain confidence and love who they truly are so they can stand in their power to create a lifestyle that givens them quality time with family and friends without being exhausted, time for caring for themselves to recharge their “battery” without feeling guilt but feel nurtured, supported and loved.

La Shonda is a born teacher, trainer, and leader who turned those skills into successful entrepreneurship. She has been able to find the balance between business and her personal life (spouse & 3 kids). She is also an international best-selling author with clients throughout the United States who successfully learn how to design a business that fits who they are and create their desired lifestyle. La Shonda is widely considered to be the “start-up” Goddess.


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