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IG20-39 Luannah Arana the Consciousness Alchemist.

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Luannah Arana, on air from September 22 nd

How to become your own Inner Alchemist to Transform Trauma and Challenges into opportunities to grow, heal and live your life in greater peace, happiness and success.

The term that fits most accurately what I am and do is I am a Consciousness Alchemist.

Alchemy it the process of transmutation and transformation of the crude into the refined. Such as ore becoming Gold through the hot fires it is immersed in to remove impurities.

In the same way Inner Alchemy is the process of transmuting the ‘negative’ patterns, beliefs and habits, usually born of trauma, that block and impede our personal empowerment and evolution to be our true self.

Having healed from trauma and transformed my life by applying the principles and wisdoms I gleaned from my world travels and studies, I know deeply the work involved in overcoming loss, pain, depression, anxiety, paranoia, and never feeling enough.

After 25 years of practicing a multitude of healing modalities and techniques, working with well over 6000 clients, I have now distilled the essence of what is needed to become your own Inner Alchemist where the outer world no longer has the same debilitating impact as it often can.

I empower my clients by teaching a method to access and awaken to their innate wisdom and inner guru, that has their unique answers.

The Aloha Method.

Puna Hawaii Live recoding

I wrote a #1 Bestseller on Resilience and overcoming trauma, I own and operate a Healing Retreat Centre on the West Coast of BC. I am also a musician, Dancer, Teacher, and celebrator of life and all the magic and possibilities that are everywhere.



Come and hear all the wisdom that guides us towards a more meaningful life and a better world. You can find different ways to listen and see the Podcast shows here.


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