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IG19-22 Ego verses Leadership and Being True to YOU

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guests Christina Hill and Temple Hayes, on air from May 28th

Sara says “EGO, we all have one, it is a very human thing to have, but letting it have control over us is a very destructive and can destroy any leadership you may have. Being a leader in your own life is where it starts and let your soul, heart and spirit guide you will never let you down and will keep you humble. Pride over who you are what you do is great, believing you’re better than others is not”

Christina say “Is it possible to be a leader minus the ego? As we ascend and grow ourselves in our lives as leaders in any given field or dedication, how do we continue to keep our ego in check and stay grounded to who we are, without falling into the trap door of feeling superior to others? Meet with two top spiritual dynamos to learn about their pathway into leadership and how they continue to keep it real by staying humble, and tune into the high-frequency field of leadership with no elitist type energy||||||”.

Christina Hill is a top manifesting coach and the world’s first channeler to ever channel in the infamous Carnegie Hall in New York City. She has travelled from Antarctica and back again sharing her powerful human life story, how she went from homelessness to coaching celebrities, and channelling a Blue Being from Sirius called Athella. She is featured in the film Tuning In, with 5 of the world’s top channelers, and has just been presented on the Mind Dive App with Michael Beckwith and Deepak Chopra her touching special documentary, Everyone Can Change.

Christina is a former co-host with Sara Troy on Channeling Ascensions show





Temple Hayes is a difference maker, spiritual leader, author and international motivational speaker. Rev. Dr. Hayes is an ordained Center for Spiritual Living Minister and an ordained Unity Minister. She is currently CEO of

First Unity Spiritual Campus, a New Thought centre, in St. Petersburg, Florida that transcends religious denominations, embraces all ethnicity, and reaches beyond national borders.

Temple is currently serving on the leadership team of the Association of Global New Thought. She is a successful radio host on Unity FM with her show, “The Intentional Spirit” and reaches people throughout the world. She is the author of “The Right to Be You” and “How To Speak Unity”, by Devorss Publishing. Her latest book, “When Did You Die: 8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up” is an Amazon bestseller.

Temple is also the founder of Global Peace Workers – a 501(c)3 which focuses on Peace Through People Initiative. GPW brings relief through products, services, and education which provide assistance to help Humanity transcend to a greater sense of empowerment and positive change. Additionally, Temple also founded Life Rights – a 501(c)3 dedicated to education, teaching and supporting the awareness of valuing life in all living things creating a world longing for peace. Because of Temple’s dedication to Life Rights, she has been awarded the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards in September 2016.

The SOFI Project is a non-profit organization founded by Temple that rescues and rehabilitates dogs and cats globally that is headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Temples former shows on Self Discovery Media


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