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IG18-22 “Unbreakable: How to overcome life challenges and manifest a life of success”

Ignite Your Heart and Souls with Sara Troy and her guest Lilly Koutcho, on air from May 29th

Manifestation, Your communication with Archangels, how to overcome life challenges

There are times when life brings unexpected challenges and hardships on our ways. During these times of turbulence, the key is to find a way to remain centred, undisturbed, and turn the situation around into something worthwhile. In her book “Healing and Abundance Affirmations”, Lilly Koutcho discusses how she overcomes life challenges by adopting a positive attitude. In her book, she offers a variety of affirmations and tools on how to manifest a life of abundance and how to heal from physical and emotional issues. The book provides a collection of affirmations of different kinds, the explanations of their sources, and how to use them. Included are affirmations for success, abundance, forgiveness, self-esteem, creativity, and much more.




Lilly Koutcho, PharmD.,

Lilly Koutcho is a spiritual counsellor, a healer, and a pharmacist who helps people to overcome life challenges. She resides in the Midwest where she assists people in their healing journeys.

“Emotional healing does not mean dwelling upon the wound;  it means looking at the world though unwounded eyes .”

The service offered to our clients:

Healing counselling

Helpful insights on manifesting

Insight about life lessons that you are working

Support and guidance during a life crisis

Discussion about energy and healing

Guidance and insights during life changes or transitions

How to increase your vibration and how to keep it high

How to connect with your guardian angels

Discussion about life purpose.


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