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IG 20-29 Reflections of Our Isolation a Poem a day by Ester Shifren

Ignite our heart and souls with Sara Troy and her guest Ester Shifren, on air from July 14th

Reflections on Isolation and Covid-19 – To Each His Own Experience! Ester has been writing a poem a day since Covid started, each poem reflects how she sees things and gives us hope and a perspective on surviving and thriving another day.

We talk about isolation, which she knows as a prison of war and more, and we seak to what it all means. This is an uplifting and fun conversation between Sara and Ester, do join us.

My own first experience of isolation occurred in 1942 when I was five. Our family, being British, was interned for three years as POWs of the Japanese during their WWII occupation of Shanghai. There were only three Jewish families in our high-walled, guard-gated camp. I suffered extreme loneliness, exclusion, and overt racism from kids needing little excuse to regularly shower me with pent-up hate. I learned to depend on my own resources and creativity to entertain myself during the long days in which we were free to roam around the grounds of our camp. I sketched and colored with whatever limited tools I could find, read books brought in by internees, and danced and sang to myself. I watched over babies in prams for moms doing chores. We were schooled by fellow internee teachers.

Poem on Isolation.

Every day I look outside and wonder

should I brave it, And go to do some shopping? Or maybe I should save it for yet another week or two when the news is not so dire. Being at home alone so much, my creative mind’s on fire!I miss events and people, and the times we used to mingle but now I have to settle for the writing of a jingle! And really, isn’t that the thing that I was born to do—To be the all-round artist, the Ester that is true? So I am not complaining, but thanking lucky stars for gifts that whisk me up, away, from earthly woes to Mars. The sky’s NO limit when I’m playing piano, painting, writing—It’s all that I was born to do, what I find MOST delighting!

When writing poems and giving vent I feel my gift is heaven sent. The saying goes, “There’s none so blind”… If I may only change ONE mind Then I’ll continue on my quest, NEVER will I stop to rest! Many are now opening eyes—-they took a while to realize. The one they worshipped, idolized, was not the one they should have prized. As long as I have words that flow, I’ll vent—my hat into the rink I’ll throw! Seek the truth that sets you free—do research–not just from me! Don’t spend your life in misery because you voted abysmally. Be strong, just change, it’s not too late—your vote can change the hand of fate. If you’re honest, have heart and brain, you’ll see these leaders inflicted pain. On many of our brethren—admit it! Change your party—bravely quit it! Please don’t miss it—make a note. November—soon—they’ll count your VOTE!


Twitter: Estershifren1

Linked-IN: Ester Shifren


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