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IG 19-22 Healer, Heal Thyself with Megan Edge

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Megan Edge Healing, on air May 28th

Healer, Heal Thyself: A Personal Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

I believe that to be Healer requires an initiation of sorts, or several! Your own healing journey of recognizing the importance of the events in your life, both the seemingly negative and positive ones, is critical to the path of being a Healer. Offering to hold space for another person’s healing requires that the Healer has done much of her own work, to better understand the importance of the space between client and Healer. My Mother, Myself and my Daughter – each of these relationships and my experiences within them has brought me to the work I do today in helping others with their own healing, and how to become Healers in their own right.





Megan Edge is a Master Healer, International Radio Host, Public Speaker and the author of “The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards and Guidebook” & “Falling into Being Human: An Introduction to Intuitive Healing”, the manual for her highly regarded Healers certification program, The Confident Healer: An Intensive Intuitive Healer’s Certification Program®. Megan is also the creator of the Intuitive Energy Massage Practitioners Certification®, an innovative, new energy healing modality.

Megan’s hit radio show, “Playing on the Edge Radio: Radical Change with Ease”, can be heard and seen internationally on the Dr. Pat Show,  the Transformation Network and Transformation Talk Radio FM

Megan offers Mind, Body and Soul Healing® though Energy Healing, Intuitive Counselling and Body Work.  In her private practice, Megan holds space for personal healing, empowering the individual to access their own healing powers. She knows each of us has the potential to unlock our healing abilities, both for ourselves and for others. Megan offers her clients and students the tools and techniques to heal in the moment and to maintain their healing as they move forward on their journey.

Megan lives in Victoria, Canada, with her two daughters, her husband and their Labradoodle, Frankie. When not holding space for her clients’ healing journeys, she can be found combing the local beaches for clams and oysters, or tromping through the forests searching for wild mushrooms.

Author of the “The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards and Guide Book” (Balboa Press)

“Falling into Being Human: An Intuitive Intensive Healer’s Manual” for “The Confident Healer” and creator of “Intuitive Energy Massage”

Island Woman Magazine

Sibella Publication –

Listen to Megan on Transformation Talk Radio

Watch Megan on Youtube at Megan Edge Healing



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