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IG 19-02 Find Your Soul’s Agenda answers with Ani Anderson

Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy and her guest Ani Anderson, on air from January 8th

Ani (AH-knee) Anderson is the author of Find Your Soul’s Agenda and co-creator of Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching. Through the practical application of energy medicine principals she helps people figure out why they are alive and how to express their unique contribution in the world.

Find Your Soul’s Agenda answers the call of every spiritual person who has ever found themselves feeling frustrated by the myriad of people who will tell you to “be authentic” without explaining how to actually DO that. The Find Your Soul’s Agenda process walks you through a step-by-step process that culminates with a simple, yet profoundly deep and completely wholistic explanation of who you are that will make your whole life make sense. Ani Anderson has decoded the mystery and pulls back the curtain on the inner workings of the universe in a profoundly simplistic way. Never again wonder what’s wrong with you or your life. Learn the reason why you are alive and how to express that wisdom with every decision you make.





Ani Anderson, MS, OT, LMT, CEMP, SBMC is the creator of the Find Your Soul’s Agenda process and co-creator of Sensation-Based Mindset coaching. Her goal is to help people navigate life’s challenges with grace and gratitude rather than the toxic emotions that ultimately affect their health, vitality and quality of life.

Ani has had many outward successes in her life, from Broadway to business, however her most treasured success has been becoming a person, wife and parent that she’s proud to be and facilitating that same growth in the lives of the people she has led in her coaching practice. Ani lives in a log cabin in the woods, nestled between the foothills of the Adirondack mountains and Lake Champlain. She, her husband and kids can often be found swimming in the lake, skiing, enjoying the amazing local food or riding the ferry boat back and forth to school.

Find Your Soul’s Agenda:

The one word that will make your whole life a success

By, Ani Anderson (OT, LMT, CEMP, SBMC

Find Your Soul’s Agenda Workbook:

How to Live a Guilt Free Life:

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