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IG 18-42 Have a Great Dream with Lyne Dalfen

Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy and her guest Lyane Dalfen, on air from October 16th

The title of Layne Dalfen’s new two-book set—Have a Great Dream—is telling. That is because renowned Dream Analyst Dalfen believes all dreams are great—even nightmares! That is because they hold the key to solving the problems and challenges that are currently plaguing you AND to becoming who you were intended to be.  her books–the first shorter volume subtitled The Overview, and the second, subtitled A Deeper Discussion— she shows you how to analyze, evaluate and map your own dreams for the clues that will truly set you free, and bring you closer to what you really desire in life.

With a 45-year deep background in dream study, Dalfen shows the process that enables you to understand what your unconscious is trying to reveal to you while you sleep, how that applies directly to some issue that is stressing you, and then the way to use the information presented therein to find the solution. It’s right there—just waiting to be unpacked! Furthermore, your dreams, can be the key to unlock lifelong patterns that are your default behavior, giving you access to your full potential




Layne Dalfen founded The Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal in 1997. She has been a lecturer for the Counselling students at Concordia University in Montreal since 2005. Her interest in dreams stems from her early experience in Freudian analysis where dream work was the primary tool. She later studied at The Gestalt Counselling and Training Center Certificate Program in Montreal, and Adlerian principles with Dr. Leo Gold of The Alfred Adler Institute in New York. She has been a member of The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) since 1997, and was a Board of Directors member from 2005-2009, where she has had the opportunity to lecture in The US, Canada and Europe.

Combining insight from Freud, Adler, Jung and Perls Gestalt Psychology, her focus is introducing the general public to the value of decoding their dreams. She does this by teaching easy-to-grasp ideas about how to uncover the solutions to our current issues that appear in our dreams every night.

She has appeared on over 150 radio shows across America and has been featured on numerous TV networks. Layne has written articles for magazines both in Canada and The US. Layne is also well known at Rancho La Puerta Spa in Mexico.

During her lectures, as well as through her books Have a Great Dream; Book 1; The Overview: Decoding Your Dreams To Discover Your Full Potential, and its companion work Have a Great Dream; Book 2; A Deeper Discussion, Dalfen’s goal is to introduce the general public to the value of understanding their dreams.



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