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IG 18-28 Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope and Happiness with Robert Clancy

Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy and her guest Robert Clancey, on air from July 10th

Robert Clancy’s latest work, Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope and Happiness. Following the success of his past books, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul, and Daily Downloads & Fortune Cookies from the Universe, Robert wrote Soul Cyphers in response to the fans and followers who have contacted him, asking for ways they can implement his valuable lessons into their own lives. In Soul Cyphers, Robert has included “Decodes” at the end of each chapter, so that every reader can fully extract lessons from each inspirational story and work them into their own lives. Not only that, but Robert has included in Soul Cyphers a deeply spiritual and life-changing encounter that he experienced himself at the age of 19.

Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope & Happiness is about leading you toward the creation of a joyful, balanced life. With the right tools, you can be empowered to “decode” the cyphers of your life, moving you into greater well-being and wholeness. Soul Cyphers helps you… Gain a greater sense of fulfilment Learn to communicate from your heart Discover your true worth Live with purpose and meaning Find a true path for joyful living Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope and Happiness.

The universal themes in this book are the ones that are appreciated and recognized by all of those in the spiritual community – love, faith, kindness, peace, compassion, forgiveness, and more are all woven deeply into each story included in Soul Cyphers. New York Times #1 bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul Marci Shimoff says of the book: “If you are having any difficulty with your life, read this wonderful book! Through beautifully-written stories, it offers practical solutions to decoding your well-being. Perfectly weaving the spiritual with graceful, engaging thoughts and wise insights, Robert Clancy shows you how to discover your true purpose—to become a kind, caring person through a journey of love and compassion.” Award-winning filmmaker Robin Jay says of the book: “Robert Clancy has written a brilliant, uplifting book. It is the key to unlocking your highest potential and grace-filled purpose. Soul Cyphers is a beautiful guide for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life.”





Robert Clancy is a creative visionary, #1 international bestselling author, spiritual teacher and co-founder of Spiral Design Studio. At age nineteen, Robert had a divine spiritual experience that altered his life in profound ways. In 2012, he created the Guide To The Soul ( Facebook fan page, where he shares his divinely inspired thoughts, now followed by nearly 700,000 people worldwide. He is a sought-after speaker, presenter and guest. Robert is also a regular contributor and weekly guest on Los Angeles KABC Radio’s syndicated Late Night Health Radio Show. He’s also co-host and producer of The Mindset Reset TV Show, which has a global reach of 500 million viewers weekly. His latest book Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope and Happiness released October 2017 quickly became a #1 international bestseller. Robert is also a featured spiritual expert appearing with Dr. Joe Vitale, don Miguel Ruiz, Brian Tracy and Dannion Brinkley in the movie Becoming the Keys, set to release in the fall of 2018. Robert also recently completed his filming of an episode for the 2018 season of the Emmy® Award-winning Dr. Nandi Show which reaches over 300 million people on major cable and satellite television networks such as Discovery and ABC. As early as age six, Robert committed his life to assist others, whether volunteering, helping them to succeed or even just offering a friendly smile. Robert is a husband, father and 5th Degree Master Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor.


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