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IG 18-14 Searching for the White Magician with Stefania Magidson

Ignite your heart and souls, with Sara Troy and her guest Stefania Magidson in Dialogue with Carmen Firan, on air from April 3rd 

Searching for the White Magician: Spiritual Psychology and the Manifestation of Destiny. 

By Stefania Magidson in Dialogue with Carmen Firan  Her New Book Explores the Meaning of Existence, Revealing that Humanity’s Destiny on Earth Is Influenced by Our Higher Selves-From Philanthropist and Expert in Spiritual PsychologyAre you ready to take a journey that will transform your views on the meaning of life and discover what the driving force is behind it?

Enter Searching for the White Magician, from Stefania Magidson, with Carmen Firan.

With wisdom-filled passages and personal stories, spiritual teacher and student Magidson guides the reader through a series of dialogues exploring themes ranging from immigration and philanthropy to spiritual psychology and self-realization. The book emphasizes the concept that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and, thus, we have the ability to choose what unfolds for us in our lives.

Searching offers insightful stories weaved throughout Magidson’s upbringing in Romania, her journey as an immigrant, and her search for spiritual growth. Her unique journey encapsulates authenticity, wisdom and compassion pursuits as she boundlessly explores the depths of spirituality. No stone on her path has been left unturned: she has delved into the metaphysical, discovered common truths of the world’s religions, and designed a life full of intention and optimism.

Magidson shares her discovery of the essential keys to creating a powerful destiny filled with love, compassion and happiness, and how her interest in esoteric studies has informed her spiritual path. She envisions a more nuanced existence for humanity, one where all six senses are engaged, including intuition. Making the abstract accessible, this book inspires both the spiritual expert and novice.

“I invite the reader to join me on a journey of exploration and rediscovery of that inner place that holds the lens of mystery through which life filters if we allow it,” says Magidson. “I invite you to find that magic wand that transforms inner worlds into realities whose potential is only temporarily dormant.”

Proceeds for Searching for the White Magician go to Magidson’s Blue Heron Foundation, benefitting Romanian and Moldovan orphaned and abandoned youth. The organization was founded out of the conviction that we must do all we can to uplift our fellow human beings who cannot yet fend for themselves. Blue Heron’s mission is to provide such opportunities as scholarships and mentorships, offer support for youth intervention for a population vulnerable to human trafficking, and to address the intellectual, social and emotional well-being of their students so that they may become self-actualized, self-sufficient, productive adults.




Stefania Magidson was born in Romania and in 1983 immigrated with her family to the United States.  She received a BS in Health Education and a Master’s in Applied Spiritual Psychology. In 2002, she founded Blue Heron Foundation, one of the largest non-profit organizations in the Romanian diaspora. To date, the organization has raised more than $2,000,000, has awarded 300+ college scholarships and has touched the lives of at least 2,900 children. Stefania is a supporter of the UCLA Graduate School of Education, The Everychild Foundation and the Making Waves Romanian Film Festival; she serves on the Board of Advisors of the Wende Museum, is the Chair of the Romanian Film Committee of the South-East European Film Festival, member of the advisory board of the Roma People’s Project at the Hayman Center for Humanities at Columbia University and Co-Chair of the Parents’ Council at Tisch School of the Arts. And she is, of course, the author Searching for the White Magician. Stefania lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two sons. Stefania is available for interviews and can address:

  1. How we can bring more love and consciousness into our existence

  2. How giving of ourselves and our resources improves our lives

  3. How we can guide our dreams as tools to handle life’s challenges

  4. How we can keep a sense of humour while navigating issues

  5. How we can have a healthy relationship with money

  6. How we can access our ancestors for guidance

For additional information about the Blue Heron Foundation please visit:


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