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I wonder who is feeding who?


The Mainstream Media is dictating your actions, they take a small pimple and blow it up to a volcanic eruption to play on your fear so you will blindly believe what they serve out.

We know there are awful things going on in the world and it can make us feel helpless, they need to empower us to address those things so we can do something positive about it, not crippling us with fear loathing hate and anger. If you don’t give people hope why should they care? you have taken away any hope of a solution and only constantly presented a problem how do we make changes?. Get behind those with ideas to create change that feeds all of us, all of our communities by bringing us together.

Stop being their puppet and think for your selves, ask what, why, when, who, and decide on the facts researched and not sheepishly following them mindlessly. Your response is feeding them, they love our fear hysteria and anger for it fuels their need to serves us up some more crap. You do not know their agenda, or who is manipulating the facts to suit themselves, so don’t just take it at their word, inquire, think and decide for your self.

If we as a human race, took some time to think to feel and ask, we would not act out in a knee-jerk reaction and know that what we are being fed is not the truth.

Do you see goodwill stories? Do you see kindness or collaborations or goodwill towards man? Do you hear the stories of magnificent courage or man aiding someone else? NO, because fear sells and you’re buying. So turn off the mainstream news, cruise your internet and from many avenues available see what really is happening in the world, communicate with each other and start talking about what is possible, for if you stop FEEDING them your fearful angry response they will have to serve you up a different dish of truth.

Demand the truth not their interpretation of it and hold them accountable for their actions for fear mongering is destroying our world.

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By Sara Troy


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