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I Wish for a Colourless World


I wish we lived in a colourless world where we look to each other’s hearts, souls, and spirits.

I wish we would see each other not by our colour but by our soul see each other from the inside out before embracing the gift of our cultural skin.

I wish we would proudly stand tall in our integral character and own our choices.

I wish that honesty was our currency and people are the global wealth.

I wish that we could embrace our heritage while opening our arms to one another, seeing the beauty and not the diversity.

I wish we embraced a God of loving kindness and not a dictatorship of control.

I wish we stopped waging war on each other instead enabling each other to grow.

I wish we were kinder towards one another, kinder to ourselves, kinder to the planet and all living beings.

I wish we saw the need to be united, to bring our purpose to the table in a contribution to the feast.

I wish I was stronger to shout out about the need for love, love of one’s self, of each other and of all life on this amazing awesome planet.

I wish hate would diminish and fear slide off our backs.

I wish we were a people who desire peace, love, kindness, giving, caring sharing of our divine gifts.

I wish we find the courage to step up be counted, participate, contribute, speak out against pain and suffering and not turn a blind eye.

I wish we all could see the wonders of this world of each other of life.

I wish we would embrace divine love, heavenly source, and healing godly energy for that is the life’s force.

I wish we would open our mind before our mouths, open our hearts before being unkind, open our conscience before committing a crime towards one another.

I wish one and all to feel free, riding the wave of divine love, feeling the joy of life, and embracing the possibilities of tomorrows.

I wish we would start talking, start embracing, start asking, start listening, start caring, start needing to hear, to feel and see how wonderful life would be in a colourless world.

I wish you could see that under that skin, that race, that sex, that faith, you are a heart a soul and a spirit with a mind of illuminating intrigue, and that in giving sharing caring, will heal unite and care for this world and all in it.

I wish everyone the strength, the courage, the wisdom, the compassion to step up and be a part of the equation the solution and stop being the problem.

I believe it is in us, let go of the hate, fear, anger, dread, pain, and delusion, and take that first step to making your wish come true for you and for all of our mankind.

We are the answer, we have the tools, we are divinely guided, we are not alone, and we are so much more than we think we are.

This is my wish for mankind, will you join me in making it happen?


By Sara Troy wishing you all love and peace.

Owner-Operator-Host of Self Discovery Media Community


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