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I am Woman and as Whole as I need to Be

In my teachings of soul awareness I find that it is when you teach the woman to embrace womanhood we end up teaching the world what a gift it is to be a woman. I do not want to be a man to own my equality, I do not want to think like a man to be heard. I am woman with a broad spectrum of understanding that needs that balance of woman and man.                    Yin and Yang.

When we stop apologizing for thinking, feeling, and living like a woman we may give men a chance to know us in our own strength, in our own empowerment and know what positive energies we bring to the whole. Women you want to teach your sons how to respect and value women start by respecting and valuing yourself. Women you want to be seen in all your feminine light, step into to the glorious light of womanhood. A man will treat you in the value you give yourself, in the truth of your soul in the purpose of your spirit. So stand tall woman of the world and be the wonderful feminine being you are and live in that embracement of inner love for all to see. Friendship is trust, honesty and pure love, first have hat friendship with self for you are the love you seek.

Loving me who’s loving you.

Sara Troy 


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