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Human Spirit Relationships Through Trauma

Who is Moving the Human Spirit?

Moving the Human Spirit are a Certified Trauma Counsellors and Trauma-Informed Coaches, who provide the drive and guidance for clients to respond to challenges, improve relationships and live a full and rewarding life. We work with the individual, couple or team to achieve better goal setting, foster positive enquiry and develop meaningful conversations. Our focus is on changing negative conditions and creating powerful outcomes that are measurable.

Through a solution-focused approach, we look in the forward direction and employ a number of techniques that engage and stimulate actual change. We specialize in posttraumatic growth, trauma counselling, trauma-informed coaching, anxiety and stress management and mindfulness in all aspects of life. We work on different levels and with specific needs, be it personal, couple, family, within the corporate team or beyond.

We provide a supportive, logical level framework for clients to generate powerful solutions in a positive environment. Harnessing the energy that you create for yourself, we inspire clients to over come their barriers however grand they may be. You choose the path and we will walk beside you on the road to change.

Relationships and Trauma

Whether the trauma was physical, sexual, or emotional, the impact can show up in a host of relationship issues. Trust, intimacy and true love and support can feel out of reach for many trauma survivors.

Making sense of one’s place in society can seem overwhelming and can be filled with great anxiety. Relating to others unsuccessfully can leave the survivor feeling alone and lost. Trauma survivors often will re-experience unhealthy relationships and not understand why this occurs. The inner need to look for the resolve of the trauma can lead one in a path of destructive and abusive companions. Even in a healthy loving relationship old trauma’s may surface in the form of depression, disorders, OCD, drug and alcohol use, feeling of insecurity, flashbacks, suicidal tendencies, etc.

Communication starts to be the most difficult challenge for relationships that have a trauma partner. Love may be hard for the partner to accept, there can be an overreaction to daily relationship challenges, a feeling of being ganged up on by a partner, inability to communicate through an issue to the point of resolve and more.

Couples and individual sessions with a qualified Life Coach or Counsellor will further the understanding and start the healing process for couples suffering with a trauma in their relationship. Education of how the body reacts and what can be done to soften the feeling and emotions involved in the individual who had experienced the trauma will go a long way to the “Mastering of Trauma”.

What is Moving the Human Spirit’s approach?

Start exploring your relationship intelligently through communication techniques and relationship building with one another. Do you have a meaningful relationship? Do you want one? Trust, intimacy, appreciative inquiry, self-identity versus duo identity, and love will be at the forefront of all our discussions.

See where you are on your path; determine what needs to change to accomplish all of your goals and have healthy relationships. Life is challenging and exploring the human development, how we interact with ourselves and others will help you have the life you have been waiting to live.

It’s through a better understanding of fundamental human dynamics that we are able to make conscious decisions that inform our communication with others. By creating new skills through exercises, powerful conversation and shared experience we enrich everyday life so it may be lived to the fullest. Tasks that once seemed monumental become less invasive and the life experience that we all crave becomes the centre of our forward positive progress.

With our changing society, it is becoming difficult to connect. Pressure leaves a gap in communication between us and the people we care for the most. Moving the Human Spirit’s open space coaching and facilitation is an opportunity to share new skills that build respect and compassion in any environment. Together we can create a solution-focused future that will benefit all relationships involved, be it couples, families or communities.

An environment to explore in.

We work with individuals and couples from all walks of life. Through gentle conversation and listening – we help them receive the best possible outcomes within their comfort zone. We work in a safe, confidential environment so you can explore, challenge and create your most perfect life.

Cindy is a Co-Founder and Partner of Moving The Human Spirit.  She specialises in Couples and Relationship Wellness, Trauma Informed Coaching and Leadership and Mindfulness.  Cindy radiates flexibility, spontaneity, adventure and when you have the opportunity to meet her – you will understand why!  She has a very natural and easy ability for connection with all people from all walks of life and particularly in various cultures in Canada and around the world.  Her passion is national and international travel, engaging with others and exploring ways of connecting our global family as one.  Those who have worked with Cindy describe the experience of her deep professional care and love, her elegance and true connection to spirit.

Cindy has many years of exposure and experience in working along with her own businesses, teams, corporations, with entrepreneurs, communities, families and individuals from all walks of life.  Relationship building, empathy and trust has been an integral part of this successful process.  Approaching conversations from a solution-focused approach, using Emotional and Conversational intelligence methods, honouring that all of us are valued human beings as we are today and continuing to build on this positive platform – has provided the start of a solid foundation for any relationship – personal, family and other.

All of this on-going experience, exposure and training – has led her to working with others who are engaged in “Moving The Human Spirit” – with a particular interest in Health and Wellness for all and on every level of human consciousness – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Her grassroots approach is evident in her mantra:

“A Healthy Individual – Creates a Healthy World.”

Twitter:  @movingths


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