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Human Spirit Parenting Through Trauma

Who is Moving the Human Spirit?

Moving the Human Spirit are Certified Trauma Counsellors and Trauma Informed Coaches, who provide the drive and guidance for clients to respond to challenges, improve relationships and live a full and rewarding life. We work with the individual, couple or team to achieve better goal setting, foster positive enquiry and develop meaningful conversations. Our focus is on changing negative conditions and creating powerful outcomes that are measurable.

Through a solution-focused approach, we look in the forward direction and employ a number of techniques that engage and stimulate actual change. We specialise in post-traumatic growth, trauma counselling, trauma informed coaching, anxiety and stress management and mindfulness in all aspects of life. We work on different levels and with specific needs, be it personal, couple, family, within the corporate team or beyond.

We provide a supportive, logical level framework for clients to generate powerful solutions in a positive environment. Harnessing the energy that you create for yourself, we inspire clients to over come their barriers however grand they may be. You choose the path and we will walk beside you on the road to change.

Parents, Children & Extended Family

Every family is different and trauma can dramatically disrupt family systems. Even though your specific set of circumstances will be unique to you and your family, it’s reassuring to know you are not alone. In our work, we will explore communication techniques and relationship building for families. We will dissect communication issues within the family dynamic and explore non-verbal communication, appreciative inquiry, and family tiers and group living as it applies to your healing.

We will explore your families belief system and see what beliefs are serving or enslaving you. Discuss values that are shared by the group and the individuals within that group and dissolve some of the residues that trauma can cause. In the process, we will be improving family and individual happiness, communication and creating a healthier sustainable living. We work to provide a structure that moves the family beyond the past trauma and into the future with a new positive outlook. Is your family ready for a change?

What is Trauma?

A deeply distressing or disturbing experience or physical injury. Traumas are frightening, often dangerous, and/or violent events or conditions that are experienced as overwhelming to a family and/or any or all its individual members. Every family member experiences trauma differently.

What are types of Trauma?

There are many kinds of potentially traumatic experiences, such as:

Accident/Injury, Death of a loved one, Serious illness, Fire, Animal Attacks, Violence/Crime, Divorce/Separation, Abuse/Sexual, Homelessness, Bullying, War Environments, School Violence, etc.

What is Moving the Human Spirit’s approach?

Employing a range of un-invasive techniques such as Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Self Exploration, Perceptual Positioning and Core Alignment we work with clients to free them of the feelings that hold them back from a productive life. Many clients will experience a new focus and gain more control over their situations and start the necessary steps to “Mastering Trauma”.

We centre and ground our clients so they may take the opportunity to view the world with a positive lens, dive in deep within themselves, explore their values and beliefs systems to see what works and what doesn’t all while being solution focused in their direction.

You are whole and complete.

We come from a place that there is nothing wrong with the client. They are unique, whole and complete just the way they are. They may have forgotten that they may be far down the rabbit hole and not able to see light just yet, but we know its there and watch as they use their resources to excavate their way to the surface again. Empathy plays a huge role in client’s transformations. As trauma informed coaches we hold a space for the work to be done without judgment and guide our client to the positive.

Susan Hogarth, 


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