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HT19-09 Transforming in Self Discovery with Sara Troy

Holistic Transformations with Dianne Shaver  and her guest Sara Troy, on air from January 29th

Dianne interviews Sara Troy owner and host on Self Discovery Media (formally Self Discovery Radio) on the challenges and rewards of hosting and owning  Media Network.

Discussion of what we need in our culture right now – consciousness and how Self-Discovery Media addresses that need.  Sara talks about the vision behind the platform and what she wants to accomplish with it.  What a redirect is and how we all go through them as we become more conscious and find our true path and the need for supporting people going through them and seeing their possibilities and worth.  In fact, seeing all humans as worthy and acknowledging their humanity no matter what their current situation.

How we can act now wherever we are, to make a better world without waiting for governments or organizations to change.  We are the change.  We have impact.  We make good things happen.

We also talked about integrity and staying true to our vision.  For Sara, part of that is to not have commercials on the websites and instead focus on sponsors.  Bottom line it is all about integrity, staying true to ourselves and what we know is right living for us. Which also impacts how we treat and honor one another.  As Sara says, it’s about heart and soul.





Self Discovery Media is a media podcast network, bringing you the innovations and inspirations of those who have travelled the path and now share their success and tools to help you move forward in your own life.

This collaboration is what has led to Self Discovery  Media Network and to provide you with a service to bring you a unique platform in order to help you reach a wider clientele using both of our mediums.

“I am a firm believer that we get more done in life when we collaborate. I am an advocate for the wonderful work and platforms people are doing to enable mankind in embracing life. In that respect of collaboration, we have formed an Affiliate/Storefront avenue in order to support each other work and a Business Discovery Directory where you will find wonderful guest and host like Dianne Shavers work.”

As your supporter, we are bringing you The Discovery Store and invite others with the same philosophy to join us. All the people we have here will have all been interviewed by Self Discovery Media and we believe in their purpose abilities and passion for their work.

We all know what a challenge and how expensive it can be to get your business message out. Self Discovery Media has found a way to bring you a unique platform to help you reach a wider clientele using both mediums, radio/written article on your brand and advertising your business, books, courses, seminars, webinars, events plus.


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